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Notice of Application for Final Discharge
Notice is hereby given that six months
After date, to wit: on the 2nd day of March,
1906, or as soon thereafter as I can be h---h,
I will make my final returns as executor of
The Last Will and Testament of Henry
Keech, Deceased, to the County Judge of
Volusia County Florida, and ask that the
Same be allowed and approved and that a
Final discharge be granted me as sicj ex-

Ecutor.          C. M. BINGHAM, Jr.

Sept. 2, 1905               Executor

Notice is hereby given that all creditors,
Legatees, distributes and all persons
Whomsoever having claims or de-----
Against the Estate of the late Fritz Linder-
Man are required to present the same to the
Undersigned within two years from the
Date hereof.         MARIE LINDERMAN,
                                    Administrator of
                                    The Estate of Fritz
                                     Linderman, with
                                     The Will annexed.
Ormond, Florida, September 22, 1905.

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