Boyd, Florida School

According to information received from talking to several people they remember that Boyd had a two room
school house. We are trying to get some history of the Boyd School and if you know of anyone or if you
attended school at Boyd please share your information with us. We are not able to find out much
information and we are depending on your help.

We think that at one time Abner Parker and Theo Parker were trustees. There were probably others.
Please inform us and let us have any information that you have.

The following names have been given about teachers who taught at Boyd. Nola Ringer wife of Alvin Ringer
taught Primer. Kelmer Blue taught 1st. grade. Ava Williams or Clara Roberts taught 2nd. Or 3rd. grade.
4th. Grade was taught by Howard Moore’s mother for 2 terms. Annie Blanton taught 5th - 8th grade and was principal at the time that the schools consolidated in 1927. Leon McCallum was princpal and taught 5th - 8th grade. At one time Eddie Love Morress was principal and taught. Tom Davis also taught at Boyd. A Mr. Strickland and Mr. Townsend were either teachers or principals at one time. We need your help to get these names correct and others that we have left out because we do not know enough.

We have some names of people who were students at the Boyd School but there were many more that need to be added to the list. Some of the names are:
Jesse Parker,
Harvey Parker,
Luke McLeod,
Maude McLeod,
Maurice "Mutt" McLeod,
Grace McLeod McCallum,
Clarence McLeod,
Marcus Parker,
Earl Blanton,
Luna Parker,
Beady Roberts Parker,
Joyce Roberts Hendry,
Mattie Roberts Newell O’Steen,
Bessie Parker Ellis,
Adrian Roberts,
Fannie Roberts,
Edith Roberts Freeman,
Thelma Roberts,
Maude Parker,
Robert Parker,
Moses Parker,
Addie Parker,
Mills Parker,
Kendrick Parker,
Jesse Durden,
Edna Blanton,
Jewel Blanton,
Fair York Burnette,
Woodrow York,
Minnie Lou York,
J.B. York,
Lloyd Poppell,
Dennis Poppell,
Willie Mae Poppell,
Annie Mae Poppell,
Henry Poppell,
Alvie Lee Murphy,
Rufus Murphy,
Vera Mae Murphy,
Polly Murphy,
Adeline Bass,
Idell Bass,
Dick Ringer,
John Henry Thomas,
Nora Walker Cruce,
Luther Walker,
C.D. Walker,
Annie Jo Walker,
Olin Parker,
J.W. Towles,
Richmond Towles,
Evy Lee,
Grace Lee,
Ida Lee,
Sue Durshimer,
Jack Durshimer,
Mavis Blue,
Dennitt Blue,
Archie Blue,
Marie Blue,
Gertrude Blue,
Vince Holifield,
Drew Duncan,
Juanita Duncan,
Virginia Timothy,
T.J. Timothy,
Bessie Graham,
Bo Newell,
T.W. York,
Illa York,
Thelma York Whiddon,
Lucille Kite,
Hosie Kite,
Frankie Kite,
and Mary Fife Andrews.
Boyd was consolidated in with the Perry School in 1927. At that time Bob Murphy owned the bus called
the "Boyd Special" and children were bussed to Perry to continue their education. We were told that at
one time Idell Bass drove the bus to school from Boyd to Perry.

This is the information we have gathered. We need help to get more information and to correct what we

Our address is : Henry and June McLeod
200 East Elm Street
Perry, Florida 32347
Phone 1-850-584-6043

If you have answers to the following questions please mail us your answers.
1. When do you first remember attending Boyd School? Or When did your relatives attend?
2. Was Boyd School known by any other name?
3. List the teachers and principals you can remember.
4. Tell any information you remember about Boyd School or the community of Boyd.

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