List of Teachers Released by Taylor School
Superintendent for school year 1950-51

Taylor County News
August 24, 1950

The majority of the teachers in Taylor County Public Schools have received re-appointments for the coming year. There have been some replacements, and expansion of the school system has resulted in a number of other new teachers receiving appointment to Taylor county schools.

Following is a list of appointments as supplied by A. H. Wentworth, Superintendent of Public Instruction.

Taylor County High School:

Robert T. Glenn, supervising principal
Gerald W. Hause, principal
Hamp B. Baker
John P. Basnar
Miss Marion Boyd
Mario P. Corso
Mrs. E. S. Gaston
Mrs. Doris G. Glenn
Mrs. Clarice Hart
Robert E. Howell
Mrs. Martha P. Huxford
J. Gordon King
Charles Hallawell
Mrs. Catherin Norman
Miss Helen Parrott
Miss Sylvia Paulson
R. M. Quimby
Miss Clara Roberts
C. H. Robinson
Mrs. C. H. Robinson
Mrs. H. E. Solomons.

Perry Elementary School:

Miss Gladys Morse, Principal
Mrs. Mary A. Asbill
Mrs. Doris Basnar
Mrs. Catherine F. Bryant
Mrs. Myrtice L. Clees
Mrs. Mary Francis Croft
Miss Mary Carolyn Curtis
Miss Loisell Edwards
Mrs. Edna B Fones
Mrs. Margaret B. Fry
Mrs. Nelle C. Hause
Mrs. R. L. Henderson
Mrs. Alva Horton
Miss Mildred McDaniel
Miss Sarabell McElroy
Miss Virginia Maxwell
Miss Lucille Millinor
Miss Virginia Millinor
Miss Ruth Slade
Mrs. Blanshe W. Sapp
Miss Minnie Slaughter
Miss Merelyn Solomons
Mrs. Agnes Stokes
Mrs. Ann Agner

Salem Senior High School:

Vern Davis, principal
William J. Cooey
H. M. Dickey
Mrs. W. P. Hendry
Mrs. Floy LaValle
Mrs. Lanty H. Mangum
Mrs. Mattie L. Parker

Shady Grove School:

George A. Collins, principal
Mrs. Hattie Johnson
Miss Nita McCullough

Pleasant Grove School:

Mrs. Doris Agner Lewis
Miss Clara Belle Hornesby

Foley Junior High School:

A. E. Jackson, principal
Miss Flora Jo Alston
J. V. Blume
Mrs. Ruby Nell Collins
Mrs. R. B Girtman
Mrs. R. S. Guess
Miss Ima Lee Hendry
Mrs. W. E. Rand
Mrs. Sarah Wages
Mrs. B. A. White

Stephensville School:

Joseph P. Massey, principal
Mrs. Juanita T. Fletcher
Mrs. Celetse C. Massey

Cabbage Grove School:

W. D. Wilson, principal
Mrs. W. D. Wilson

Pine Grove School:

Mrs. Dorothy Mae Cox, principal
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