Churches of Taylor County, Fl. 

The Church of God

Denomination:  The Church of God
Location 1939:  S. Center St, Perry     
Location 2013: 

Mail addr: 
Current pastor: 
Race: White
Church Historian:  Interviewed: A. M. Sapp, Pastor

     Organized 1913 in Pine Level M. E. Church bldg., located in Perry; met here until 1915. 1915-16 Interstate Bldg, burned 1916. 1917-18 held in  section buildings of the Atlantic Coast Line on present site, floor of straw. In 1918 same bldg repaired and remodelled, floor raised and blocks put under it and floor put in.  Used until blown down 1935, torn down and rebuilt same year, an addition on end of building now 30x44 ,In  1938,  addition to building making it 30X64 and having 2 Sunday School rooms, makes it the church of today; A rectangular, white wood frame bldg, erected 1935.

   Pastors who have served this church are:
    o    first settled pastor was Rev. Z. R. Thomas, 1913, common school education. 
    o    present (1940) pastor was Rev. A. M. Sapp, 1937--, Perry, common school education.

Church records:

     1) Treasurer's Report 1926-- 1 vol  Showing all receipts and disbursements, statements, reports, Custody, Ira J Cruce, Secy-Treas. Road #5-1, 2 mi from Perry.

     2) Model Church Record 1925-40 5 vols. Contains minutes of church conferences, showing dates, reports, elections, actions on memberhips and pastorate, provisions for church welfare, elections of officer and delegates, also a membership roll and quarterly financial records. Custody, Ira J. Cruce

   3) Church of God Model Record (Sunday School) 1939- Vol 1 Showing organizations, attendance, exercises, offereings,(including birthday offerings) activities, bueiness, elections, reports, Custody, Mrs. Jesse Torith, SEcy-Treas; 71 (c) Third St., Foley, Fl

    4) Ledger (Willing Workers) 1939--, 1 vol showing organization, objectives, minutes, activities, money, ?, reports Custody, Mrs. E. M. Beard, Sey-TReas. House #513 Calbur Quarters, Perry.

References:  1939 WPA Historic Records Survey

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