Churches of Taylor County, Fl. 

001.  Antioch Baptist Church, Newberry

Denomination:  Baptist
Location 1939: Newberry       
Location 2002: 708 W Lance Dr, Perry

Mail addr: 
Current pastor:  
Telephone: (850) 584-5884 
Race/Ethnicity:  White
Church Historian: 

Organized/Constituted:  1917
     First services in unpainted, rectangular frame home owned by Mr. Bill Knipper, 1917; date built unknown. 

   Pastors who have served this church are:
    o    first settled pastor was D. J. Stewart, 1917-1919; common    school education. c 1922, Jacksonville.
    o    Last pastor, Rev. A. H. Reynolds, c 1922, Jacksonville.

Church records:  unknown

References:  1939 WPA Historic Records Survey

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