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This page is maintained for the purpose of allowing genealogy researchers to post and search for information about their Sumter County roots. Please review the current postings, and feel free to send us your request for information.

Date: 8 Feb 1998 
Name: Jesse Barron

I'm searching for any information on my great grandfather John Daniel Barron. He was born on June 15, 1849 (in Alabama? ) and died on July 20, 1933 in Bushnell, Fl. He had 3 brothers Mark, Bob & Judd, and 2 sisters Susan and Franie. He married Nannie STAFFORD and was a blacksmith in Bushnell, Fl. They had 5 children, Jewel Barron-Delegal, J.A."Arthur" Barron, Lewis Barron, Hattie Barron-Culbreath, and John Barron ( my grandfather ). Joseph B. Barron was a cousin to John Daniel and was in the Ala. Inf. They are all buried in the Tema Cemetary. My father, John Barron, Jr. was born in Bushnell as well and had one sister, Celeste Barron. I would apreciate any information on any of my relatives - BARRON, STAFFORD 

Date: 27 Mar 1998
Name: Katherine Walker

Looking for information regarding Matilda C. DRIGGERS. She was born January 23, 1863 or 65 in Oxford, FL. She died October 9, 1921 and is buried at the Beulah Baptist Church in Winter Garden, FL. She married James Spelatower O'BERRY, born September 1, 1862 or 63, died July 12, 1941; he is also buried at Beulah Baptist Church. Any information regarding either one would be greatly appreciated. 

Date: 05 Jun 1998 
Name: Laurence E. Dickerson

I am seeking information of Elizabeth [Lizzie] EUBANK, originally of Virginia. Her maiden name may have been RICHERSON. She was the widow of James B. EUBANK, who was killed at Fredericksburg during the Civil War. Jame and Lizzie had five known children: Isaac W., Roberta, Mary A., Lucy and Sarah. Following the war, Lizzie and her three surviving daughters moved to Sumter County, where Lizzie was maintaining a hotel in 1880. Mary [Molly] wed James S. GODFREY on 1 May 1881. Lucy married D.P. GODFREY on 6 January 1884. Family Tradition says the third daughter also married a GODFREY, but I haven't found a record. Lizzie was still living c. 1892 when her niece, Anne Lee EUBANK, died while on a visit to Florida. Anne, of Spotsylvania County, Virginia, was the daughter of Isaac Lee EUBANK and Virginia E. DYSON. Can anyone tell me where Anne is buried? When did Lizzie die and where is she buried? 

Date: 29 May 1998
Name: Henry W. Massey

BRYANT - Marlow
I had a great uncle named Bud Bryant born in May 1891. He was a farmer and lived in Tarrytown when I was just a teenager in the 1950's. He was married to Mollie Marlow and they had several children named, Howard, Lena, Myrtle, and Odell. Howard is buried at Linden cemetery but I can not find where his father Littleton "Bud" Bryant or his wife Mollie is buried. 

If anyone has any information on these then please contact me at the above addresses. THANK YOU SO MUCH 

Date:January 18, 1998
Name: Walt Murphy

J. W. Gandie married Martha Ann Drawdy on 1 Dec. 1868 in Sumter Co. I have info to share. Need parents of J. W. and/or children of this union.  Thanks. 

Date: November 2, 1997
Name: Charlie Sauerbrey

Looking for info. on J.W.Gant,I need his date of birth and death.I know that he married Caroline Chandler in 1874,in Polk Co.They moved to Webster,in Sumter Co.by 1875. Their first child was born 1875 at Webster.I'm researching Chandler's and need Caroline's date of death and also where they'r buried. Anyone that can help would be greatly appreciated. Thank You. 

Date: October 26, 1997
Name: ghia@serv.net

I am researching my great grandfather, William Marshall Smith. He was born April 1, 1875, and died around 1950-1951 in Lacoochee, FL. He was a prison guard for the state of Florida. He also lived in Bushnell, FL. He was married twice, and his last wife was named Annie. 

Date: October 25, 1997
Name: Addie Howell

Looking for information on the family of Jonas FORT and his wife Dorothy Marion JONES both of Marion Co, Fl. Need B&D dates on both. Did they have any children? Appreciate any help with this. 

Date: October 19, 1997
Name: Jane Martin

I have been trying to find out something about my grandfather. His name was Granville Nevin Green. He was born in Linden,,Fl.,(Sumter County) in 1892 and he died in Homestead,Fl., in 1953. 
He had a brother Wil and a sister. They lived in Umatilla,Fl. (Lake County)
He married my grandmother Eva May Matteson and they had 2 girls Glady Viola and Hazel May(my mother). I am having trouble finding out who his parents were. Supposedly his mother was full blooded Seminole.
If anyone knows anything about him I would greatly appreciate the info. 

Date: October 20, 1997
Name: Tom O. Abney

I am looking for information on my great-grandfather, John (or Absalom?)Lemuel Abney, born in SC circa 1840s, moved to FL, probably Sumter Co, as a young man and married Maggie Elizabeth Cassady. They had five children, John Lemuel, Thomas Maxwell (my grandfather), Mattie Abney-Cassady, Sallie Abney-Kimbraugh and Abbie Abney-Hays. My great grandfather died circa 1870s, Great-grandmother Maggie remarried a Mr. Blackman in 1884 with whom she had another daughter, Minnie Blackman-Caruthers. My grandfather, Thomas M. married Mattie Evelyn Beville from Center Hill in 1901 and had six children, including my father, Dewey Hilton Abney.
Thank you for any information you can provide. 

Date: August 21, 1997
Name: Katherine C. Thacker

Seeking information on the Bakers, LOTS of them, who are buried in Nichols Cemetery a/k/a Pleasant Grove Cemetery in Sumter County. This cemetery is located off C.R. 246 west of where Hwy. 475 crosses I-75. I have Baker relatives who settled in Sumter County and I would like to find out if any of the Bakers in this cemetery were related to me. 

Date: June 27, 1997
Name: Paul Wright

Searching for information on EMMA NESBIT who married ROBERT GREEN (R.G.) WRIGHT.
EMMA NESBIT WRIGHT died cir.1913 and is buried at Oxford. Any information about her family would be appreciated. 

Date: June 17, 1997
Name: Mary W. Phillips

Looking for information on Elizabeth Geiger b. 1824 d. 1911. She was d/o Allen Geiger of Bulloch Co, GA and later Jacksonville, Duval Co., FL.
Elizabeth Geiger was wife of JAMES RICHARD EUBANK, who died in 1865 and was buried in Gardara Cemetery, Putnam Co, FL.
Elizabeth Geiger Eubank is supposed to be buried in Pleasant Hill Cemetery, Bushnell, Sumter Co, FL. We think she was living with daughter Margaret Elizabeth Eubank w/o James Dewitt, or daughter, Mary L. Eubank, wife of Frank Hinson.
Any information on Elizabeth would be appreciated. 

Date: June 16, 1997
Name: Patricia M. Crooks

Searching for information on Leonidas Taylor OLIVE and his wife Victoria. They were on the 1880 census of Obion Co., Tn. They moved to Florida after that. They are buried in the Oak Grove Cemetery, Wildwood, Fl. Leonidas was born 9/24/1831, Henry Co., Tn., died 12/26/1883 in Wildwood or Coleman, Fl. Victoria was born 5/10/1840, Ky, died 9/20/1885 in Wildwood or Coleman, Fl. They had 5 children, Leonidas, Jr.; Mary Belle (May), married George STAFFORD; Laura Izora, married Abner CRENSHAW; Daisy, married Clyde VINING; and John Alna, I have no information on him. I found 9 deeds for this family in Sumter County. Leonidas, Jr. was my grandfather. Any info will be helpful. Thanks. 

Date: May 15, 1997
Name: K.C. Thacker

Searching for information on a Parthenia Eliza Baker (B. 28 Apr 1875, D. 29 Jan 1964) who married Rufus Berry Jones on 8 Sep 1898 in Hernando Co., FL. and her brother Charles Wesley Baker (B. 27 Sep 1872 D. 1947). Their mother was Parthenia A. Weaver?, who married John Franklin Baker, and after his death moved to Bushnell. I know both Parthenia's and Charles are buried in a cemetery next to Pleasant Hill Baptist Church on C.R. 316A off of Hwy 48 heading west out of Bushnell. If you have any information on the Jones or Baker families, please contact me. I have lots of information on Baker family going back to Hernando Co. and NC and will be happy to share. 

Date: May 10, 1997
Name: Debra Boswell

BLACK- I am seeking information on Edmond BLACK b. 1804 GA wife Edith b. abt 1805 NC. Children: Sarah Ann b. 1833 AL; George E. b. 1836 AL; Fulson A. b. 1839; N.A.J. b. 1840AL; Narcissa b. 1843AL; Adam B. P. b. 1845; J.K.P. b. 1846 AL; Dorah M. J. b. 1849 AL. This family was living in Sumter Co. & counted on the Sumter Co.FL census of 1860. Would love to hear from anyone with information on this family. 

Date: April 29, 1997
Name: Brenda Antal

I am searching for information on Mary Elizabeth ?? who married Manuel (Jessie Emanual) Crawford about 1901-02. They had 2 daughters born in Center Hill in 1903 and 1906. We have encountered a discrepency in her surname (Brown or Sutton). 

Date: April 20, 1997
Name: Barbara Daugherty

Researching for family and people knowing of Dr. George McIntosh Troup Simmons, the first permanent doctor in the Bushnell area and was also a farmer and owned an orange grove about two miles from Bushnell. The orginial Farmhouse is gone but Simmons Pond still remains. George served in Co. F, 8th Florida Infantry, and was appointed Assistant Surgeon in Talladelga Hospital, Alabama. He was married to Anne Eliza Gough and they had six children; 

Date: March 22, 1997
Name: lilbopper@sprintmail.com

My Great grandparents are buried in Stewart Chapel Cemetery, near Webster.

Rev. William Davies b: 04/24/1824 (or 1825) d: 04/27/1885
his wife: Kate Wightman Davies b:1839 d: 1914
son: Philip Wightman Davies b: 04/14/1868 d: 7/01/1895
dtr: Emma Kate Davies b: 4/29/1878 d: 8/29/1881
grson: Little Willie Hays (son of Sarah Davies Hays and Robert Hays) b: 1/06/1894 d: 4/27/1894

Date: February 5, 1997
Name: Marie Nations

Searching for additional information on Arthur LEE, Jr. who moved to Sumter County, FL, about 1849. His wife was Susannah LEE, daughter of Simon LEE. They had 10 children in NC, Duplin County area.
Arthur LEE, Jr. was born 16 August 1785 in Edgecombe County, NC, and died 26 Nov 1856 in Sumter County, FL. Am interested in any descendants, particularly those of his son, Evander McIver LEE born 7 December 1812/1814, died 12 January 1881 in Leesburg, Sumter (now Lake County), FL. Evander and younger brother John Calvin LEE are credited with founding City of Leesburg. 
Family tradition says that this family is descended from John LEE and has some tie with Robert E. LEE. Would appreciate any information. 

Date: December 8, 1996
Name: Lettie Lee

Our Pemberton relatives came from NC to Americus,Ga, to Madison Co Fl, to Sumter Co. to Hillsborough Co east of Tampa. While in Sumter Co Fl, PJ Pemberton built a ferry, across the Withlacoochee River west of Bushnell, also, it is said he built a hotel-like place for people to stay when they crossed the river if it was late. PJ's wife, Mahala Dykes McPherson Pemberton is buried in Wild Cow Cemetary, just as you come off I-75 (on the right) onto the Bushnell exit. Anyone have other information on these people? 

Date: December 7, 1996
Name:Brett Hope

George Cleveland Hope, wife Sarah Brett Hope; children Lucy Dean Hope, Cornelia Clara Hope, and Newell Brett Hope, Sr.; with grandfathers William G. Hope and Aaron Brett lived in area of Webster-Center Hill-Stewart Chapel c. 1884-1900. William G. Hope was buried in Stewart Chapel cemetery 1897, and left a diary dated 1894-1897 (see "Lookups" page for info on this diary). Have good records of their descendents and ancestors available for anyone interested. 

Date: November 23, 1996
Name: Marie Nations

Is the same family? Owen FUSSELL b. 1844 Irwin County, GA, mar. Frances M. TATE. Children: Catherine 1864, Isaac 1868, Mary 1869, Walter 1870. All children born Sumter County, FL. William FUSSELL mar. Fanny M. 
Children: Walter 1864, Robert 1867, Benjamin A. 1867, Missy 1870, Sallie Mae 1871/1872, John 1872, James 1874. First Walter died as baby and another child named for him? Could Robert have been Robert Isaac? Could Missy have been Mary. I really need help figuring out this family. 

Date: November 21, 1996
Name: Brett Hope

Stewart Chapel Cemetery
Looking for any information on graves in this cemetery that were lost during the years it was in disrepair. Specifically for grave site of William G. Hope, d. 1897. 

Date: November 21, 1996
Name: Bill Covington

Did anyone attend the LOVETT - WOODARD family reunion? Would like to exchange info with folks who are kin to these Surnames. 

Date: November 21, 1996
Name: slassen@infoave.net

Will exchange info on the GROFF family of Sumter Co., FL, mostly Oxford area. Joseph Charles Groff, born 1878, IA; died 1950, Oxford, FL and wife Alice Eldridge Groff. Joseph was RR Depot agent at Oxford.
Children of Joseph and Alice Groff:
Dorothy Henrietta Groff 
Charles Harold Groff (died 1963)
Gertrude Groff (mar. Andrew Pickens Miller) 1910-1993

Date November 14, 1996
Name: Marie Nations

I am compiling all descendants of my FORT family which settled in Marion County in 1853. One grown son and his wife immediately moved to Sumter County. Therefore, there are hundreds of descendants in Sumter County that I would like to compile. Surnames that married into the family that I need information on are: BAKER, BELLAMY, BOZEMAN, BRINSON, BUSHEY, CARUTHERS, COCKFIELD, COLEMAN, CRENSHAW, DRIGGERS, DUNCAN, FUSSELL, HATCHER, HYATT, ISHIE, JACOBS, JENKINS, JOHNSON, KEY, LEE, LINK, MARSH, McCLAIN, McDERMOTT, NICHOLS, O'BERRY, O'KELLEY, PERRY, SANDS, SHAULIS, SHAW, SMITH, SNOWDEN, STAMBAUGH, STEWART, TILLMAN and WORLEY. I will be happy to share info I have on these surnames. Of course, if you have FORT in your line, then I am looking for all of your descendants! 

Date: November 11, 1996
NAME: Brett Hope

Looking for information on Pemberton families that settled in Oxford, Sumter county c. 1870-1880. Elijah and Mary Dixon(Dickson) Pemberton came to Sumter from Indiana about 1884. Orlando Davis Pemberton also came from Indiana, married Sarah Jane Barrow of Jasper, Florida in 1885, lived in Oxford until 1900. These were Quaker families. Was there a Quaker settlement at Oxford? 

Date: November 11, 1996
NAME: Brett Hope

Pine Level Cemetery
A large area of this cemetery at Oxford is the Pemberton family plot, but most of the gravestones are gone. Anyone having information about this cemetery, please contact me. 

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