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St. Lucie County Tribune Jul 28, 1911,pg. 5
Mrs. Edwin Nelson, of Miami, was the guest of Mrs. C. T. McCarty last Monday.
     Mrs. T. D. Summerlin departed yesterday for a visit of several weeks at Port Orange and Jacksonville.
     The As-You-Like-It club will be entertained this afternoon at the home of Mrs. W. N. Hendry, on Tropical Avenue.
    I have a few good lots in a new addition to Fort Pierce I can offer at prices that will interest you. P. C. Eldred, agent.
    W. R. Scott, of Jacksonville, is spending the week in this city the guest of J. K. Williams, combining business with pleasure.
     J. G. Phillips, the popular assistant postmaster in the local offices, leaves the 3rd of August for a ten days visit in Jacksonville and Atlanta.
     Miss Ella Hankins returned to her home in Fort Pierce Monday evening, after a visit of two weeks with her sister, Mrs. Joe Wilkinson, at Lakeland.
     A life insurance policy in any company is a fine thing; if it is in an old reliable company like the Mutual Life of New York, so much the \better. P. C. Eldred, agent.
     Mr. and Mrs. Geo. M. Robbins and three sons spent Tuesday night in our city, stopping over on their way from Miami where they had attended the celebration last week.
      Myers Froscher and bride arrived in our city Tuesday, returning from Miami where they spent their honeynoon.  This popular young couple expects to remain in our city for some time.
     Mr. and Mrs. Harry Floyd and three children arrived in our city Tuesday from Apalachicola and expect to remain here permanently. Mr. Floyd having formed a law partnership with Hon. Fred Fee.
     Mayor and Mrs. R. Whyte motored down from Fort Pierce yesterday and will remain in Miami during the entire celebrations.  Accompanying them are Miss Harriet Whyte and Miss Lois Klopp,
- Miami Metropolis.
     Mrs. J. C. Jones and three children left yesterday for a two month visit in Norfolk, Va., and vicinity.  Rev. Jones accompanied them as far as Jacksonville, going from there to several points on the west coast to remain a short time.
     Messrs. Frank Armstrong and R. N. Koblegard, managing officers of the East Coast Realty Company, promoters of the Fort Pierce farms, west of our city, are expected to arrive in this city this morning, from a business visit to Washington.
     We have unloaded a carload of Studebaker wagons, and they are all beauties. Single and double team and different width tires to suit.  Everybody knows what the word Studebaker stands for.  Come and take a look at them or if you are too busy write for prices.  Jackson-Luce-Gladwin Co., Fort Pierce.
  A special meeting of the city council was held Tuesday afternoon in the council chamber.  It was called for the purpose of swearing in W. Lee Coats, the newly appointed marshal, whose bond was fixed at $1000, said bond to be secured not later than the next regular meeting of the council, which occurs next Wednesday evening.
     A card from Howell Atwater, who, with Mrs. Atwater, are spending the summer at various places in the East, states: "The East Coast can show weather reports more acceptable for comfort in summer season than any we have experienced, taking the average." Yet the people of the north who are sweltering think that life must be unendurable in Florida in the summer.        
     Rev. J. L. Hendry, a missionary to China, has been in this city the past week the guest of his brother, W.N. Hendry.  Rev. Hendry has been in the Chinese field for the past twenty-three years, and returned to this country the last time, just before Christmas.  W. N. Hendry went to Cocoa last Friday where he met his brother, the two remaining a few days with a third brother, George P. Hendry. Rev. Hendry delivered a very interesting lecture on China, in the Methodist church Wednesday evening, which was unusually interesting and was well attended.  He departed last night for Jacksonville, and from there will go to Waycross, Ga. where he will deliver a lecture next Sunday.
     R. A. Conklin, of Fellsmere, was a business visitor in our city Wednesday.  
     Mrs. Chas. Gibbons and chldren, of Viking, were guests in our city last Saturday.
     G. D. Bryan, of West Palm Beach, was a business visitor in Fort Pierce Wednesday.
     Wednesday was Mrs. J. W. Nesbitt's "at home" day and she entertained, as usual, in a very enjoyable way.
     Miss Gertrude England, of Walton  and Miss Josephine McClinton, of Jensen, were among the shoppers in town Tuesday.
     Mr. and Mrs. C. Leon Faber were expected home last night or early this morning from a two months visit in the mountains.
     Daniel T. McCarty departed Sunday for Charlotte, N. C., where he will join his family and remain the balance of the summer.
     If you are thinking of Life Insurance, let me show you some of the policies the Mutual Life of New York are writing.  P. C. Eldred, agent.
     K. B. Raulerson and La Rue Alderman returned Tuesday from a visit of four days to Kissimmee, the trip being made in Mr. Raulerson's Ford Car.
     The store building of A. B. Lowry on Pine street is being repaired and painted by S. S. Buell, preparatory to Mr. Lowry moving his family to the rooms over the store.
     Fred G. Hill, of the Florida Photographic Concern, attended the Anniversary Celebration in Miami last week, and secured among other fine photos several views of the aeroplane.
     Attorney Gordon R. Broome and wife returned to Fort Pierce Tuesday evening, after a visit of a week at DeLand, where Mr. Broome was engaged in law matters before Circuit Judge J. W. Perkins.
     The many friends of Mrs. J. R. Harrison, who was recently operated upon in the Baltimore Hospital for Women, will be glad to know that she is now much improved and is spending a while at Cornelia, Ga.
     General Superintendent Nelson, of the Florida Ease Coast railroad, and Division Superintendent Mc Donald, of Miami and Trainmaster Carter were a party of prominent railroad officials who visited Fort Pierce Tuesday.
     A carload of Studebaker farm wagons for single or double team.  This little advertisement is just to let you know that we have them.  They have been advertised and tried for fifty years until today the Studebaker wagon is used in every State.  Jackson-Luce-Gladwin Company, Fort Pierce.
     Mr. and Mrs. A. K. Wilson, of Fort Pierce, are visitors in Miami today, having come down this morning to take in the celebration. Mr. Wilson is editor of the Fort Pierce TRIBUNE one of the birght and interesting papers of the East Coast.  They will return to their Indian river home tonight. - Miami Metropolis.

Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Broome, of Fort Pierce have been spending a few days at DeLand.  Mr. Broome is the son of the late Mr. and Mrs. Thos. H. Broome and spent his boyhood days at DeLand and is astonished at the wonderful imporvements and growth of the city since he was last here eight years ago.  He is practicing law down on the East Coast.  -DeLand Record.
     The interior of the City Market has been greatly improved the past week.  The partition which formerly divided the meat market and grocery store has been removed, both departments now being together, but each on the same side of the building as before.  An office has been built in the front part of the building between the two department.  The store has been much improved in appearance by the changes.  
     A subscriber at Sebastian writes that The TRIBUNE was in error in stating that the fish, roast beef, bread, milk and coffee served at the picnic at that pleasant town last week, were contributed by one of its enterprising citizens.  That, in fact, these were contributed by practically all of the citizens.  While we deem the error to insignifiicant to mention, we gladly make the correction at request, but will take advantage to add that if the petty animosites, bickerings and strife exhibited by some citizens in small towns could be buried too deep to resurrection, it would greatly add to the building of a town in which pleasant social, home life and community interest would predominate.

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