The St. Lucie County Tribune

Friday, July 21, 1905
   Mr. Backister and family, former residents of Eden, are now cozily located in Mrs. N. Saunders' cottage here, and is engaged in putting his pinery in first class shape.  
  Mr. Brewer, the contractor and builder who has been here about two years, has decided to make his home in the hustling town of Fort Pierce and left here Wednesday with his family, much to the regret of all.

  Judging from the plans and specifications of the proposed "Walton Inn," which has just been completed by Archicitect Klopp, of Fort Pierce, this hotel will be second to none in appearance, comfort, convenience, etc.

  Mr. Sutton of Lancaster, O., who recently purchased Linwood plantation, the beautiful home of Senator Hudson, has a large force of men engaged in painting and getting the place in perfect shape before moving his family in the early fall.  

  The pineapple crop has now all been shipped and the growers are busily engagd in fertilizing, planting new fields and putting their plnatations in firstclass shape. As a whole the crop has been good under the circumstances, and while the quantity of fruit was much less than in former years, the prices have been good.
  Much to the regret of their host of friends, Hon. F. M. Hudson and family left here last Saturday for Miami, where Mr. Hudson will again take up the practice of law.  For several years he was a member of the law firm of Crawford & Hudson, of Pine Bluff, Ark., and on account of poor health was compelled to give up his practice and come to Florida.  While we regret to lose such a cultured and refined family, we are delighted to know that his stay at this palce has fully restored his health. He has our best wishes for success.
  The wheel of progress continues to revolve, and we have learned that most anything is possible.  The bomb shell, the Fort Pierce News, dropped on the town some eighteen months ago, and now its progressive citizens and business men as well as the surrounding country is now called on to welcome The St. Lucie County Tribune, under the able management of Wilson & Reed.  Where there is unison there is strength, and the writer predicts great results for Fort Pierce with the aid of two newspapers.  The large fish, oyster, pineapple, orange, and vegetable industries, as well as the great revenue derived from stock and poultry raising, and it is still possible after spending so much money in the way of drainage and advertising the country west of Fort Pierce, that the Florida East Coast Co., will join hands and aid in the construction of good roads.  It is a proven fact that it is easy to bring brospectors to our fertile, healthy and prosperous country, but very difficult to locate them here until we have good roads on which to get our products to transportation.  We have the material but need free transportation.

  Mrs. C. S. Burnett Haney, of Stuart, State agent for the Children's Home Society, will be in Fort Pierce, Saturday and Sunday.  Sunday at 11 a. m. she will speak in the Methodist church. Subject:  "Some Practical Problems of Today."  Mrs. Haney is a speaker of national reputation, and as a lecturer has met with great success.             

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