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 WWI Casualty List

Enlistment List


Third Division First Battalion Florida Naval Militia

This group of veterans were sworn in on 16 June 1916

by Capt. J. H. Bland, Naval Secretary to Gov. Park Trammel

ALBRITTON, A. D.  -  Seaman Second Class

BARBER, L. K.  -  Seaman Second Class

BIORSETH, I. V.  -  Seaman Third Class

BISPHAM, W. A.  -  Seaman Second Class

BRADLEY, R. E.  -  Seaman Third Class

BRIGHT, Ernest A.  -  Seaman Second Class

BRYAN, W. C.  -  Seaman Second Class

CLARK, Arthur R.  -  Quartermaster Second Class

CLARK, G. S.  -  Seaman Third Class

COOPER, E.  -  Seaman Second Class

DRYMON, B. D.  -  Seaman Second Class

DRYMON, R. E.  -  Seaman Second Class

DRYMON, V. A.  -  Seaman Second Class

EVERS. Lewis G.  -  Seaman Second Class

FATIC, P. R.  -  Seaman First Class

FROST, J. F.  -  Seaman Second Class

GASKILL, C. W.  -  Seaman Second Class

GONSALEZ, J.  -  Seaman Third Class

GREEN, H. C.  -  Seaman Second Class

GRINTON, H. C.  -  Yeoman First Class

HALTON, R. E.  -  Coxwain

HARTMAN, V.  -  Seaman Third Class

HEBB, C. I.  -  Seaman First Class

HEBB, Homer L.  -  Bugler

HILL, George P.  -  Seaman Third Class

HODGES, L. O.  -  Seaman Second Class

HODGES, W. C.  -  Seaman First Class

HOWARD, H.  -  Seaman Third Class

JAMES, J. G.  -  Seaman Second Class

KEISERMAN, A. B.  -  Gunners Mate First Class

KRAFT, E. S.  -  Seaman Second Class

LACEY, C. C.  -  Seaman Third Class

LACEY, Frank P.  -  Seaman Second Class

LACEY, J. B.  -  Seaman Third Class

LIDDELL, W. W.  -  Coxwain

MARTIN, J. B.  -  Seaman Third Class

MARTIN, J. K.  -  Seaman Second Class

MARTIN, T. R. Jr.  -  Seaman First Class

MAUS, G. D.  -  Seaman First Class

MAY, C. D.  -  Seaman Third Class

McLEOD, C. C.  -  Seaman Second Class

OLSON, B. S.  -  Machinist's Mate Second Class

PARSON, E. L.  -  Seaman Second Class

PEACON, C.  -  Seaman Third Class

PELOT, J. C.  -  Seaman Second Class

PHILIP, John W.  -  Ensign

PURDY, Warren F.  -  Lieutenant

REIGEL, F. A.  -  Seaman Third Class

ROEHR, W. R.  -  Seaman First Class

SCOTT, C. E.  -  Seaman Second Class

WHITTED, W.  -  Seaman Second Class

WILLIAMS, S. F.  -  Seaman Second Class

WILLIS, G. A.  -  Seaman Third Class

Casualty List

LYNN, Simon P.

       Rank: Private

Unit: CO F 6 Div AM Tr Cp Wadsworth, S.C.

Race: W

Serial Number: 2594422

Date of Birth/Age: 22 years

Place of Birth: Brunson, FL

Place of Residence: Englewood, FL

Date of Death: 05 Oct 1918

Cause of Death: Broncho Pneumonia

* View casualty card for Simon Lynn


MINK, Horace W.

               Rank: Private

Unit: 35 CO 156 Dep Brig

Race: W

Serial Number: 1884022

               Date of Birth/Age: 27 years 10 months

               Place of Birth: Bee Ridge, FL

               Place of Residence: Sarasota, FL

               Date of Death: 28 May 1918

               Cause of Death: Lobar Pneumonia

               * View casualty card for Horace Mink


MOODY, Enoch L.

               Rank: Private

               Unit: 4 Btry FA Repl Regt

               Race: W

               Serial Number: 3278372

               Date of Birth/Age: 18 Sept 1894

               Place of Birth: Blackshear, GA

               Place of Residence: Venice, FL

               Date of Death: 07 Oct 1918

               Cause of Death: Pneumonia

               * View casualty card for Enoch Moody



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