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We have this very detailed list thanks to  Jim Forte.
He has a very detailed site on postal history and would welcome your visit.
You may visit his sight or contact him for more information.
Jim Forte
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Bee Ridge (1912-1956)
Crocker (1909-1912)
Curryton (1888-1888)
Englewood (1895-Date)
Evaland (1920-1921)
Ezry (1885-1885)
Fruitville (1895/1956)
Glengarry Sta. (?-Date)
Gulf Gate Sta. (?-Date)
Hayden (1895-1908)
Indian Beach (1906-1907)
Laurel (1903-1909)
Laurel (1915-Date)
Longboat (1907-1922)
MaNaval Air Stationota (1919/Date)
Miakka (1879-1934)
Newtown Heights Sta. (1943-1993)
Nokomis (1917-Date)
North Port (198?-Date)
North Port Charlotte Rur. Sta. (1963-1974)
Osprey (1884-Date)
Sarasota (1878-Date)
Sawyer Annex Sta. (?-Date)
Siesta (1915-1917)
Siesta Br. (1953-Date)
South Venice (1916-1957)
Southgate Sta. (?-Date)
Venice (1888-Date)
Warm Mineral Springs Rur. Sta. (1959-Date)
Woodmere (1922-1928)

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