Indexes to Probate and other Circuit Court Records

Copies of public records in the custody of the Okaloosa County Clerk of Circuit Court may be obtained in the following ways;

Mailing Address: Newman C. Brackin, Clerk of Circuit Court
Attn: Records
1250 Eglin Parkway, N.E.
Shalimar, FL 32579

Telephone Number: 850-609-3062 or 850-651-7214

E-mail address:

Fees: Copies - $1.00 per Page
Certification of Documents - $1.00 per Document
Exemplifications (Acts of Congress) - $4.00
Fax Charge - $2.00 per Page
Search of Records - $1.00 per Year for each name

Indexes will be posted as they are completed. Okaloosa County Clerk of Circuit Court has kindly donated a copy of their "Index Probate/Mental Health Day 1 - 1985" and Donna Wright has graciously donated her time and expertise in typing it. She is doing each letter of the alphabet at a time. We are very grateful to both parties!

One drawback with the index is that there are no dates, perhaps in future to make it more useful, we can try to arrange to add them. Some of the records are many pages and you may wish to find out how many there are before your order them. Hopefully this will be very useful to you!

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