What kind of accidents were happening to our ancestors and how serious were they?
Lets find out as we go "Between The Pages." Below you will find the article with
  a surname where applicable along with the date.

Thrown Out of Wagon Nicholson 1912 View
Suffers fractured Jaw Bon 1910 View
Elderly Pedestrian in Poor Condition DeHmel 1940 View
Almost Scalped Welch 1924 View
Severely Gored By Cow Saunders 1907 View
Pinned Between Boat and Pilings Rawson 1940 View
Boiler Pipe Explodes Injuring Man Trent 1940 View
Bike Collides With Car Walker, Childs 1940 View
Two Seamstresses Sew Fingers Gore, Heard 1901 View
Small Child Breaks Arm Holland 1930 View
Smashed by Train Brings Amputation Boatwright 1907 View
Two Children Fall Into Bayou Gleaton, Sawyer 1936 View
Motorcycle Cop Hits Car Black 1928 View
Boy Misses Catch and Breaks Nose Kelley, Peabody 1907 View
Hip Badly Injured Dale, Coslick 1913 View
Man Injured In Motorcycle Acc. Willy 1923 View
Hurt In Runaway McIntosh, Beard 1913 View
Fall From Horse Wells 1911 View
Stung By Stingray Bolger 1904 View
Fell From Scaffolding Caruthers 1906 View
Barber Has Serious Accident Waggoner 1901 View
Injured By Circular Saw Douglas 1914 View
Revolver Fires Injuring Knee Logan, Fields 1901 View
One Year Old Badly Scalded Gibbs, Abercrombie 1906 View
Slips On Steps Cook 1921 View
Breaks Arm Cranking Automobile Rush, Baker 1914 View
Two Severely Burned Kromling, Marshall, Fields 1915 View
Runaway Horse Injures Driver Lovelace 1921 View
Bitten On Neck By Dog Ford 1920 View
Train-Car Collide Barnes 1925 View
Narrow Escape Howell, Taylor 1924 View
Injured In Normandy Invasion Moore 1945 View
Electrocuted Loughnot, Harrell, Fry, Easters,Osborne
Lambden, Latham, Callahan
1920 View
Slashed By Propeller Hunter, Sweeny 1914 View
Motorcycle Accident
Turner, Burton
Boy Killed By Doctor's Auto
Bowen, Hudson, Horton, Hart
Thrown From Horse and Trampled
Harvey, Mayer
Recovering From Train Mishap
Struck In Face By A Crank

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