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Tarpon Springs Re-Elects Craig

J. N. Craig was re-elected mayor-commissioner of Tarpon Springs over his only opponent, Ben G. Scribner by a majority of 165 votes, it was learned Monday night. Craig received 404 votes and Scribner 239. O. F. Baynard, John F. Davis and J. C. McCrocklin, unopposed candidates for city commissioners were elected.. They each received about 450 votes. There were 647 votes cast in the election, four being mutilated. Tarpon Springs has 1, 100 registered voters.

The voters almost unanimously voted in favor in changing the time of municipal elections from the first Monday in October to the third Monday in January to give winter residents and tax payers to participate in the elections. Source: St. Petersburg Times: 10-2-1928

Eugene Sheets To Be Named Chief of Police

Dunedin…Eugene Sheets, patrolman on the Dunedin Police force, will be promoted to chief of police on May 15, when the resignation of Chief George E. Davis becomes effective. Sheets has served on the force for the past two years. Davis announced his resignation last Tuesday. Sheets was appointed by C. E. O’Connor, Dunedin City manager.

Sheets came to Dunedin two years ago from Tampa, where he had been connected with the United States customs service. He had been in that same work in Newport News, Virginia before coming to Tampa. He is a native of Tennessee.

The city manager also announced that Harvey A. Whiting will join the force next Friday and will be on night duty. He will take Sheets’ place from 4 p. m. until 12 midnight. Mr. and Mrs. Sheets own their home in Virginia Park. Sheets’ son, Eugene D. Sheets, Jr., is now on the Clearwater police force. Source: St. Petersburg Times: 5-10-1947

L. M. Wintsrgill, of Gulfport, was nominated for constable in this district at a meeting of the Republicans of St. Petersburg in the city hall last night. He will oppose Charles J. Sims who is the Democratic nominee. A. M. Lindsey, of Largo and A. G. Bradbury, of Clearwater, who were nominated for county commissioners by the Republicans, have declined the nominations and will not be on the ticket. New candidates will be selected by the county executive committee. Source: Evening Independent: 9-30-22

Frank Booth Justice

At Tuesday’s election, Frank Booth was elected Justice of the Peace for this district with Grover McMullen as constable. In the St. Petersburg district, J. M. Endicott, with Charlie Sims, as constable, were the winners. In the Tarpon Springs district, J. J. Hope as justice and J. W. Cooper constable were selected. Source: Clearwater News: 11-5-14


Harry McCreary, who is a candidate for re-election on the Pinellas County Mosquito Control board, group 3, is a native Floridian.

He has been a resident, homeowner and tax payer in Pinellas county for the past 35 years, and says he expects to continue his residence in Pinellas County for the remainder of his life.

He is engaged in the wholesale fishing industry, being a partner in McCreary Fishery of Tarpon Springs.

He was employed by the city of Tarpon Springs continuously for 30 years, 15 of that time as city manager and has had many years of practical engineering experience. He is a member of Pinellas County Planning board, the Fish Hatchery committee, a director of Pinellas County Sportsman club, member of Masonic lodge and Lions club. McCreary has been a continuous member of the Tarpon Springs Chamber of Commerce for 30 years, serving on its board of governors frequently.

McCreary is a charter member of the Florida Anti-Mosquito association which was organized 18 years ago by the state board of health in Jacksonville. He worked for the creation of Pinellas County Mosquito Control board, was appointed a member of that board by the governor and served the first six years without compensation. He has never missed but one of the Board’s meetings since its creation and that was because he was confined to a hospital with illness.

“I have labored to eradicate mosquitoes in Pinellas County and created better living conditions, especially at the beaches for summer vacationists,” McCreary states, “which were almost unlivable on account of mosquitoes before the Pinellas County Control board began to function, shall continue  to give the board’s work my earnest attention, if the voters feel that I am worthy of their support in the coming primary.” Source: St. Petersburg Times: 4-28-40

St. Petersburg…J. Will Booth, formerly a deputy sheriff when this county was a part of Hillsborough, today formally announced as a candidate for sheriff of Pinellas County. He is the third to announce for this office and will oppose his life-long friend, Sheriff Marvel Whitehurst. Source: Tampa Tribune: 2-5-1916

Merle L. Cook
For Prosecuting Attorney-Pinellas County

David R. Grace
Candidate For City Commissioner

St. Petersburg…A petition was put in circulation here today and received scores of signatures calling on seven prominent men to become candidates for city commissioner. The men mentioned in the petition are A. P. Thommason, T. A. Chancellor, A. P. Avery and A. C. Odom, Jr., presidents of the four banks of St. Petersburg, Lee Davidson, of the Carpenters Union, C. A. Carter, a well-known citizen formerly a railroad conductor and C. W. Wiecking, county court clerk and a resident of the north side here. It is probable these seven men will be candidates here. Source: Tampa Tribune: 2-5-1916

Tarpon Springs… L. D. Vinson was elected a member of the board of governors for one year, to fill the vacancy occasioned by the removal of Attorney R. W. Rowland from the city and J. K. Cheney and E. L. Zimmerman were chosen on the board of governors for two terms respectively. The board of governors will hold a meeting in a few days to name the permanent committees and select a permanent meeting place. Source: Tampa Tribune: 12-5-1912

Mayor Jeffords of Clearwater

John R. Jeffords was yesterday elected mayor of Clearwater in a hard fought battle. Mr. Jeffords is a pioneer of Clearwater. Has seen it grow from a straggling landing place to a city of importance and one to be reckoned with in the future. He takes the reins of the city’s government at a critical period. Clearwater will advance more in the next two years than it has in the last five or even more years. Mr. Jeffords is more than a pioneer. He is a good business man, attested by the important place he holds in the affairs of the city commercially. As such we can expect him to administer the city’s affair in a business-like way. Mr. Jeffords is clean-cut, honest affable and thinks for himself. We expect much from you Mr. Jeffords and we do not believe we will have cause to be disappointed. (Clearwater Sun)

Mr. Jeffords was once a citizen of Ocala and has yet many friends of this city. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 6-5-1914

Marshalling Candidates

J. A. Kelly has filed a petition of candidacy for the city marshallship, G. W. Anderson is circulating one, and no doubt there will be others. The more the merrier--and the easier for Wickwire. Source: St. Petersburg Times:1-25-1902

Bennett Named as City Judge

Appointment of C. E. Bennett as city judge of the city of Sunshine Beach was confirmed by the city commission during a meeting last night. Source: Evening Independent: 11-2-1939


Robert Schimdt, who has been publicity director and secretary of the Dunedin chamber of commerce, concludes his duties today. Source: Evening Independent: 4-1-41

Judge Freeman P. Lane, recently appointed Judge of the sixth Florida judicial district by Governor John W. Martin to succeed MelvinA. McMullen, resigned. Judge and Mrs. Lane are visiting Minneapolis. Source: St. Petersburg Times: 8-4-1925

Source: St. Petersburg Times: 4-3-1926

R. P. Templeton

R. P. Templeton, candidate for mosquito control board in group 1, was born in Port Sanilac county, Mich. in 1883. He taught school in Michigan and Tennessee, and later studied law at the University of Chatanooga.

Coming to St. Petersburg in 1913, he was employed at the post office for 12 years under Roy S. Hanna and the late William L. Straub.

In 1925 he was appointed as justice of the peace in district 1 by Governor John W. Martin, was elected and served until 1928.

Templeton is married, has four sons and makes his home at 134 Second avenue south.

In a brief statement he said: “I have been voting a democratic ticket all my life. I promise an active campaign against mosquitoes.” Source: St. Petersburg Times: 4-28-1940 

Long Key C. C. Elects Holmes

Officers For 1927 Chosen at Annual Meeting; Chairman Named

A. Dewitt (Duke) Holmes was elected president of the Pass-A-Grille chamber of commerce at the annual meeting and election of officers Monday afternoon. Committee chairmen were also appointed at the meeting.

H. K. Hardie was named vice-pres. and W. R. Hill was elected secretary and treasurer. Committee chairmen were named as follows: William Mitchell, entertainment; C. J. Wallingford, membership; Joseph A. Sharp, financial; Ernest Mitchell, plan and scope, andE. E. Williams, publicity. Source: St. Petersburg Times: 2-8-1927

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