of Pinellas County

Who were the trailblazers of Pinellas County? Were your  ancestors counted among them. Lets look at some old newspaper articles to see just who the movers and shakers of our county were. 

Long Key CC Elections Williams, Sharp, Willingford, Holmes, Hill, Hardie, Mitchell 1927 View
Candidate For Mosquito Control Board Templeton, Straub, Martin 1940 View
Interurban To Be A Boom According To Developers Fuller, Allan, McDevitt 1926 View
Judge Appointed While On Vacation Mc, Mullen, Lane 1925 View
Duties Are Now Concluded Schimdt 1941 View
Four Newly Elected Officials Baynard, Cunningham, Lawrence, Wilcox 1933 View
New City Judge For Sunshine Beach Bennett 1939 View
Candidates For Marshall Kelly, Anderson, Wickwire 1902 View
Clearwater Pioneer Elected Mayor Jeffords 1914 View
St. Pete Petition Circulated For Commissioners Chancellor, Avery, Odom, Davidson
 Carter, Wiecking
1916 View
New Tarpon Springs Board of Governors Vinson, Rowland, Cheney, Zimmerman 1912 View
Candidate For Commissioner Stahl 1914 View
Candidate For House of Representative Harris 1940 View
Candidate For City Commissioner Grace 1924 View
Candidate For Prosecuting Attorney Cook 1924 View
Candidate For Sheriff Booth, Whitehurst 1916 View
 For Re-Election Mosquito Control Board McCreary 1940 View
St. Pete, Clearwater, Tarpon Spgs. Elects Booth, McMullen, Endicott, Sims, Hope, Cooper 1914 View
Nominations Are In Sims, Lindsey, Bradbury 1922 View
Tarpon Springs Elections McCraklin, Baynard, Davis, Craig, Scribner 1928 View
New Police Chief For Dunedin Whitting, Sheets, Davis, O'Connor 1947 View
Appointed Judge Sellers, Bell 1914 View
Resignation of Mayor Blocker 1914 View
Candidate For County Treasurer A. T. "Burt" Blocker 1914 View
J. N. Brown Candidate For Reelection-Tax Assessor 1914 View
Candidate For Tax Assessor F. S. Robarts 1914 View
Who's Who; Founded Grace Baptist Church Rev. J. W. Harris 1914 View
Candidate For County Tax Collector W. H. Jones 1914 View
Candidate For County Commissioner 3rd District John S. Taylor 1914 View
Candidate For County Commissioner 2nd District Crammer B. Potter 1914 View
Wins Nomination For County Tax Collector M. J. McMullen 1906 View
Candidate For County Treasurer C. B. McClung 1936 View
Candidate For Clerk Of Circuit Court A. G. McQuagge 1936 View
Will Run For County Commissioner
L. D. Vinson 1911 View
Gulfport Election Results
Wintersgill, Hoyt, Leonardy, Thomas, Webb
Renny, McGhee, Roberts
1911 View
New Councilmen Elected at Clearwater McLean, Freeman, Thomas, Caruthers, 
Mink, McMullen, Whittington, Cook
1915 View

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