Remembering Mr. Bill

    I first met Mr. Bill through my husband where they were both members of the Masonic Order. They became quick friends and through that friendship our families also became friends. Mr. Bill was an easy person to like. Being from Georgia, he had a sweet southern charm that would serve him well through his years. He certainly had a way with the ladies! Whether from the quick smile that danced across his face, his gentle chuckle, roaring laughter or his sage advice for your life, you couldn't help but enjoy his company.
    Mr. Bill had several businesses through the years including Mr. Bill's Donut and Deli. Politicians, business owners and families were among the locals gathered there on any given day. It was the place to hang out and was featured in several news articles. Mr. Bill was kind and caring...always offering a helpful hand. People would wander in off the streets asking for money. Mr. Bill would sit them down at the counter and make them a hamburger. For several years at Thanksgiving he would bake pecan pies for friends and family at the donut shop and deliver them before he sat down to enjoy the day himself. My family was fortunate to be a recipient of one of those pies. When a local girl got terribly burned he made sure she was taken care of by the shriners at their burn center. He caught a lot of flack from family and friends because of his generous nature at times, but he would just look at them and say "Look Here" and go on with one of his reasons for doing it.
    As the years went by and his health started to fail, the decision was made to sell the Donut Shop. Everyone was disappointed, but of course, everything comes to an end...eventually. Without Mr. Bill and his family, the place was never the same and would soon close it's doors forever. In the end, Alzheimer's had grabbed hold of him and confused his mind as this terrible condition does, but Mr. Bill never stopped caring about his family, his friends, his politics or his donut shop. We were blessed to have known such a remarkable man and blessed that he passed before his mind was completely lost to his surroundings and recognitions.  The last conversation I had with him was such a blessing to me personally.
    It was my birthday and he had called with the help of his daughter to sing "Happy Birthday" to me. He wanted to talk and we did. I went along as he told me how he was working with President Obama. I asked if he had been on Air Force One, with the assurance he had been. When asked if he had been on any missions with him, there was first silence and then, "yes indeed, but it is top secret Linda...I can't talk about it over the phone. I'll tell you when I see you." God Bless You...Mr. Bill!

Author:  Linda Flowers

This Page Created  November 19, 2012
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