St. Petersburg Graduating Class of 1924

Address by Dr. O. R. Woodley, National Educator
Diplomas Presented by Fred Robinson, Chairman of the Board of Trustees

 E. Addison

Robert Paul Gillham

Carolyn Whipple Park

Lester Allen

J. Winfred Estus Bessie Edmonds Gilmore

Betty Payne

Charles Edward Allison

Edwin James Gresham

Dorothea Louise Peiffer

Charles Llewellyn Allyn

Gertrude Louisa Griffin

Morton George Pepper

Loradia Amy Anderson

May Griffith

George W. Pettengill

Marie Anderson

Edna Gertrude Harris

Nellie May Phillips

Walter Anderson

Gertrude Anna Heering

Helen Louise Potter

Dean Atkin

Lady Sarah Hendry

James Hopp Purcell

J. Keyes Aton

Carrie Mae Hibler

Howard F. Reese

Virginia Axtel

Chelsia Althia Hickman

Josephine Alvin Rich

Dorothea Agnes Badgley

Neuburn Hogan

George Wallace Rifley

Marie O. Barnd

Carolina Sibley Hohman

Ernest Lucy Rohmel

Fred Bender, Jr.

Robert Thompson Hume

Mary Rachey Rouse

Kate Elmo Bouknight

Norman C. Hurter

Anne Elizabeth Ruff

Ethel Mae Bradford

Muriel Eunice Jett

Wilma Irene Sackrider

Louise Branning

Ralph Johnson

Edward William Sarven

Raymond Smith Brinker

Edythe Irene King

Connie Satterfield

Gladys Mae Brooks

Mary S. Kline

Dulcie Genevieve Satterfield

William George Burch

Erma Lee Klutts

Thomas C. Shewman

George Newton Calhoun, Jr.

Thelma Ray Knight

Lenora May Simms

Marguerite Louise Calkins

Lewis Allen Lancaster

E. Adele Slingerland

James William Carr

Ruby Lee Lawson

E. Kenneth Smith

Clifton J. Champion

Laura Madeline Leake

Ruth Thompson Stebbins

Laurence D. Childs

John C. P. Lewis

Wilmer Michael Stoner

Margie Frances Collany

Mary Frank Longmire

Alfred M. Swift

Walter V. Collany

Ashley Campbell Lovejoy

Mary Katherine Thompson

Thomas M. Cooper

Robert J. Mack

Genevieve Thornton

Lois Margaret Dietz

Robert Powell Majors

John J. Walker, Jr.

Denzil L. Dover

Margaret McKim

Mary Elizabeth Wall

Frances Emma Drew

Anna Leadelle McWhorter

Laura Palmer Way

Dale. L. S. Drumm

Frances Irene Mee

Florence Violet Weber

Adrian Dale Durbin

Elizabeth Louise Miller

Charles Reid Wedding

Horace Ellsworth

J. Vincent Money

Amos Burdett White

Mary Lethe Elmore

Matthew E. Morrison

Suzanne Frazer Wilhelm

Grace Fredercia

Geoffrey C. Moshler

Ruth Sarah Wittstruck

May Belle Gautler

Charles Edward Nippert, Jr.

John C. W. Workizer

Gretchen Avio Geiger Maurice Elmer Nott Daniel Earl Zimmerman
James David Gibson, Jr. Joan Osborn

Robert Powell Majors - Senior Class President

              A special mention of Rorbert Thorton who was a member of this class, but died during the Christmas holidays.                

Source: Evening Independent: 5-31-1924
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