St. Pete Beach

St. Pete Beach is a barrier island city. It is divided by three beaches; Upham Beach to the north, St. Pete Beach in the center and Pass-a-Grill to the south. A public park sits in the middle. The early navigational maps refer to the area as Long Key, a 6 1/2 mile island that at one time consisted of the towns of Pass-a-Grill Beach, Don CeSar Place, Belle Vista Beach and St. Pete Beach. In 1919 the first bridge, a wooden structure was built from the mainland to Long Key. A second bridge was erected in 1923. The four towns were consolidated in 1957 by voter referendum and became the city of  St. Petersburg Beach. In 1994 the name was changed to St. Pete Beach. The clear water and wide, white,sandy beach is a favorite of the locals and draws tourists eager to enjoy the balmy days and meander along the beachside shops while awaiting the beautiful sunsets.

Aerial View of St. Pete Beach The History of Corey Avenue St. Pete Beach Today
St. Pete Beach Public Library

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