Sutherland Tidbits

Sutherland….Mr. Clarence Mann was a business visitor in Tarpon Springs on Monday. Source: Tampa Tribune: 4-2-23

Sutherland…Rev. S. W. Walker left for his home in Fayetteville, Tenn., last night, called suddenly to the bedside of his mother, who is not expected to live. Source: Tampa Tribune: 2-16-1905

Sutherland… Miss Mary Robarts, a Sutherland belle, has returned after a two months stay with relatives in Lake City. Source: Tampa Tribune: 9-23-1905

Sutherland…N. F. McDonald, of Sarasota, formerly of this place, will soon start up his ice factory in Sarasota. Source: Tampa Tribune: 9-23-1905

Sutherland...Miss Mary Harman is spending a while with her brother, W. P. Hartman, of this place. Source: Tampa Tribune: 9-23-1905

Sutherland…R. B. Hill, made a business trip to Tampa Monday. Source: Tampa Tribune: 9-23-1905

Sutherland…Miss Lucy Hartley has purchased a new ford touring car. Source: Tampa Tribune: 4-2-23

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