Palm Harbor

Palm Harbor was originally called Sutherland after the Southern Land and Development Company. It was platted in 1888 as part of Hillsborough County. Its name went through several changes through the years. For a short time the name was Yellow Bluff, but due to the prevalence of Yellow Fever and not wanting the association of the disease connected to its name, Palm Harbor became the name of choice. The name was changed to Palm Harbor in 1925. There were two beautiful hotels with one overlooking Sutherland Bayou and the Gulf of Mexico. It became Southern Collage in 1902.

Sutherland Tidbits

Sutherland Palm Harbor
Chamber of Commerce
Palm Harbor Main Street
(lots of historic pictures)
Wall Springs Park
Palm Harbor History and Timeline Palm Harbor's Past
History of Palm Harbor Library Palm Harbor University High School
Honeymoon Island State Park Palm Harbor Library John Chestnut Park Palm Harbor Historical Society
Palm Harbor Museum
Palm Harbor Photos

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