Ozona Tidbits

Ozona…Will Bolger is the latest one of our boys to arrive home for overseas. Source: St. Petersburg Daily News: 10-7-1919

Ozona…Mrs. Nannie Roberts has returned home after an absence of several weeks spent with her daughter in Plant City and her mother in Tampa. Source: St. Petersburg Daily News: 10-7-1919

Ozona, Feb 6…Mr. and Mrs. Hart, Mr. and Mrs. Douit and Miss Genevieve Routt, motored to Tarpon Springs last Tuesday. The party were the guests of Carl Rehatock, remaining over for luncheon. Source: Tampa Tribune: 2-6-1915

Ozona, Feb. 5…Mr. C. G. Robinson has all the necessary arrangements completed and is now an acknowledged notary public. This is certainly a good step forward for Ozona. Source: Tampa Tribune: 2-6-1915

Ozona…Mrs. Wm. C. Salmon entertained a number of friends Tuesday evening in honor of the Misses Wilkins, of Pittsburg. 
Games and candy-pulling furnished amusement for the evening and all pronounced Mrs. Salmon a delightful hostess.
Source: Tampa Tribune: 2-24-1910

Ozona…Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Eavey have returned from a trip to Cuba. Source: Tampa Tribune: 2-24-1910

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