Largo was named after its large lake, but ironically the lake which gave Largo its name was drained some fifty years later by the Cross Bayou Drainage District. Some believe Largo got its name from settlers who came to Largo, Scotland. Because of its rich farmlands Largo quickly became the center of the area's citrus industry and earned the title "Citrus City." The town was incorporated in 1905 and was the first town in Florida to adopt a town manager form of government. The 1920's was a boom time and during that period Largo grew rapidly. When the "Big Freeze" hit later in the decade and then the Great Depression came, Largo was hit hard and due to enormous debt its boundaries were changed and it became the town of Largo.

The town was officially incorporated in 1905 and in 1913 became the first town in Florida, and second in the nation, to adopt a town manager form of government. The population rebounded after World War II growing from 1,500 residents to over 5, 300, a mere ten years later. Another freeze in 1962 resulted in large groves being sold off and the land developed for homes due to the increase of population.

Today Largo is a "City of Progress" with downtown development underway. There is a cultural center and central park, as well as a large street-scaping project going on.

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