Weaver Park Photographs

The Josiah Cephus Weaver Park is Dunedin's newest park on the waterfront of St. Joseph's Sound. It was acquired in 2008 and opened December 2010. It's 13.7 acres sits on both sides of Bayshore Blvd. (Alt 19), north of Lee St. from the Pinellas Trail to the water. A path connects the Pinellas Trail to the shoreline.  A pedestrian crosswalk was installed for safer passage between the western and eastern sides of the park.

The Josiah Cephus Weaver Park Dedication Honor The Pier Extends More Than 600' Into The St. Joseph Sound 
View From The Pier Looking Northeast Sign On The West Side Of Bayshore Blvd. At The Entrance To The Pier 
A View Of The Shoreline From The End Of The Pier View Of  Bayshore Blvd. From The Pier 
View Of The West Side Of Weaver Park From The Pier Entrance To Weaver Park...East Side Of Bayshore Blvd.

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