Clearwater offers numerous parks and recreational facilites for your enjoyment. A few are listed below. 

Bayview Park

Bayview Park is located at 3035 Gulf to Bay in Clearwater. If you are a plant and wildlife enthusiast you will not want to miss this gem. It lies within the hustle and bustle of of activity surrounding its boundaries, yet you feel as though you have stepped into another time when life was much more serene. Bayview Park offers over a half mile nature trail, a picnic area and lots of wildlife and native plants. From its wetlands to its one hundred year old oak forest, the park beckons, " others have in times past...breathe in my solace."  

Bayview Park History

Coachman Park

Coachman Park is located in downtown Clearwater behind the main library. Located on twenty acres, the park is the site of concerts, festivals and exhibitions throughout the year. It is also the location of the Clearwater Harbor Marina and offers 126 boat slips and provides space for overnighters along with space for festival visitors.   

Crest Lake Park

Crest Lake Park located at Lake Drive and Gulf- to- Bay offers fishing, picnic areas, dog park, fitness station and a playground. Open from 6 a.m. until 11 p. m., it is the staging area for the Fun 'N Sun Illuminated Night Parade and Clearwater's Holiday Parade.

Moccasin Lake Nature Park

The park is located at 2750 Park Trail Ln. It is an Environmental and Energy Education Center providing a natural retreat from the day to day bustle of urban life. A small piece of Florida's history can be studied in a natural setting of nature trails and live wildlife exhibits.

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