Clearwater High School Graduating Class of 1935

Trevor Adams

James Bennett

Dana Burgess

Douglas Carr

Stephen Dieffenwierth

James Dyer

Vincent Faulds

Walter Goss

Reginald Grant

Leroy Halsey

Frank Hancock

Thomas House

John Hausend

Arthur Houston

Marvin Lassiter

Howard Laursen

Alex MacDonald

Richard McGaughey

Bolliver McMullen

Howard Marvin

Virgil Mears

Wilshire Mitchell

Finton Moore

Jerald Parsons

Stafford Ratley

Bruce Reed

Alfred Russell

Ted Schuck

Frank Sellers

Garnet Stone

Roy Strickland

James Tribble

Bill Wallace

George Worts

Jane Adams

Lois Arnold

Marion Bull

Gloria Burk

Betsy Carmack

Lois Chapman

Evelyn Cox

Florence Davis

Myrna Davis

Edith Denton

Marguerite Fulmer

Kathryn George

Maybeth Goss

Carolyn Grissett

Kathleen Hamilton

Betty Hatch

Mildred Holmes

Frances Humphries

Ina Maude Johns

Edna Jones

Helen Jordan

Gertrude Linton

Audrey Lowrey

Mildred McMullen

Jeanne Magnalley (?)

Rose Moore

Ruth Morgan

Wilma Newman

Winnie O’Neal

Joan Parsons

Carolyn Rutledge

Audrey Sadler

Ida Sargent

Lucille Strickland

Margret Thompson

Lillian Walker

Salley Wells

Helen Weatherford


Diplomas presented by Arthur W. Jordan, Chairman of the school board and E. W. McMullen, Principal who also directed the program.

Source: St. Petersburg Times: 6-5-1935

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