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Skeleton Is Found In Shark's Stomach

     Pensacola-, June 7…A human skeleton, a pair of trousers, a pair of shoes-found in a shark’s stomach at San Juan, Porto Rico, may solve the mystery of what happened to E. J. Romig, Meridian, Miss., man who disappeared from the docks here a month ago.
     Romig, returning from a Florida vacation, stopped in Pensacola for a short visit. He went fishing and never returned.
     Relatives found the Romig automobile parked on the wharf, together with some fishing paraphernalia. Coastguardsmen dragged the water where sharks were prevalent, but the body was not found.
     Porto Rican authorities are sending the clothing to the United States for possible identification. Source: St. Petersburg Times: 6-5-1935

Circuses wreck…One hundred and ten of the finest ring horses of Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show were killed in a wreck near Charlotte, NC last Monday. Col. Cody’s favorite saddle horse was among the number. He estimates his loss at 60,000 dollars. Forepaugh-Aud-Sell’s circus was also in a wreck the same day in New Orleans. Several elephants and other animals escaped, but were finally captured near Baton Rouge. Source: Ocala Banner: 11-1-1901   

Fisherman Hooked Human Head, Let It Drop Back

Newport News, Va., June 2…Police of Newport News and Warwick county, dragged Young’s mill pond all day yesterday for a bag containing a human head, the grisly object having been dropped back into the pond when brought to the surface by Major George Collings and Judge Clarence W. Robinson, of this city while fishing.

Heavy rains of the last few days have so swollen the pond that the bottom is difficult to reach at this time. The search was continuing this morning, although authorities have little hope of finding the bag until the water subsides. Source: Evening Independent: 6-2-22

Woman Holds Up Funeral; Fined

Atlanta-Mrs. Ora Waits was assessed $1 yesterday for delaying a funeral for an hour. Mr. Waits was sued by brothers and sisters of George Stephens, whose burial, it was alleged was held up, because the defendant sat on the coffin box and refused to move while mourners stood by.

Mrs. Waits claimed the selected burial spot was on land adjoining a cemetery she and her husband had bought. Source: St. Petersburg Times: 11-8-1941

2 Wives Awarded Divorce Decrees

Two wives were granted divorces decreed in circuit court yesterday by Judge J. I. Viney. Neither case was contested.

Martha Louise Infanti was awarded a decree in her suit against her husband, Alfredo Infanti. She charged him with cruelty and having a violent temper.

Faye Nelons won a decree from her husband, Herschel Nelons. She charged extreme cruelty and habitual intoxication. Source: St. Petersburg Times: 11-2-1938

One-Pound Baby Cries and Kicks Himself To Death

Galveston, Texas., Nov. 2…Tiny William Arthur Harrell, one pound baby, died yesterday, his strength sapped by normal crying and kicking.

The baby, three and one-half months premature, was born last Friday. Physicians at the time said it might live if it didn’t yell and kick too much.

The father, John Allen Harrell, is a hotel cook. Source: Evening Independent: 11-2-1930

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