Remember When  

Here you will find the news from within the state as well as other areas of our country. What was being reported in the local news that held your ancestors interest?  I have the name of the article followed by surname where applicable.

One-Pound Baby Cries And Kicks Himself To Death Harrell 1930 View
Woman Holds Up Funeral-Fined 1941 View
Two Wives Awarded Divorces Viney, Infanti, Nelons 1938 View
Fisherman Hooks Human Head 1922 View
Florida's Divorce Law 1901 View
Leaves Fortune To Repay Friend 1920 View
Skeleton Found In Shark's Stomach 1935 View
110 of Buffalo Bill's Show Horses Killed 1901 View
Insane Woman
Boyd, Clanton 1924 View
Liberty's Light Out Roosevelt
O'Conner, Roosevelt 1945 View
First Air Boat Buckley, Moore 1909 View
Blue Laws
1928 View
Ford Cars...Leather Interiors 
20 Watt Radio Sends 6000 Miles 1924 View
Aged Florida Settler Dies...Millionaire 1922 View
Birth Record Broken In 1921 1922 View
Florida State Fairgrounds...Tick Free 1918 View
Eagle Attacks Plane 1940 View
Ex-Servicemen To Get Hospitals 1922 View
The Right Arm and Left Foot 1901 View

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