Noah A. Van Winkle
Pinellas County Pioneer

Noah A. Van Winkle, a Pioneer resident of Tarpon Springs was born August 25, 1860 in South Bend, Indiana. He was connected to the Pullman Co. in Chicago after arriving there as a young man. In 1885 he came to Tarpon Springs as a surveyor when the Orange Belt Railroad was being planned for the area. He was a contractor and built many of the buildings in Tarpon Springs and many of the government buildings in Key West. He operated a sawmill as well. Mr. Van  Winkle became a prominent businessman in the banking field in Tarpon Springs. He was president of the Bank of Commerce and Trust Company for many years. His health was bad and when the bank consolidated with the First National Bank, he decided to retire, but served as a chairman of the board of directors. He served in that capacity for several years as well as a city councilman.

Mr. Van Winkle died December, 1932 leaving his wife Nora, a daughter and two grandsons. He is buried in Cycadia Cemetery, Tarpon Springs.

Author: Linda Flowers
Source: St. Petersburg Times 

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