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I never met my grandmother or my great grandparents so what I am writing are the story’s and information that was passed down to me from my mother and my aunts, and some information from the family Bible. 

Eugene was born in Gadsden County Florida in 1855. He was the son of Jeslee/Jeslie Boyd and Sarah (unknown). His brother, John James was also born here in 1847 and sister, Sarah Virginia, in 1852. 

Eugene married Nancy C. Blanton, in Quitman, Georgia in, November 11,1874. I never heard how they met but she was from the same area in Georgia at this time. My grandmother, Virginia Alberta, was their first born child and was born in Quitman, August 15,1875. They moved back to Madison County, Florida sometime between then and 1878 as their second child was born in Greenville Florida in 1878. I say second child but they had twelve children and had eight living and I can't find any records on the other four. Life was hard in the Northern Florida area after the Civil War. Most farming equipment had been burned or stolen. In 1884, the year that their son Jesse was born they decided to move further south in hopes of finding better farm land. They had heard of a new town San Antonio, which was in Pasco County. It wasn't long before they heard of the West Hillsboro County area and how the land was even better for farming and had lush pastures and good water. They, again, moved and settled outside the little town of Green Springs. Within a few years they decide to open a General Store and later added growing orange trees and raising cattle along with the farming. Their son, Jesse moved to Dunedin after he was grown and also went into the orange grove and cattle business. His son, Alfred was the owner of the "Boot Ranch" in Dunedin, which was well known as a cattle ranch. 

This story was repeated many times to me. Their daughter, Alice, was getting ready to go to a dance one evening. She had waist length red hair and had on her gown. Somehow she came into contact with the kerosene lamp and her gown caught on fire. She screamed and started running to the front door with Eugene trying to stop her. She ran outside and he watched her burn to death. He never got over this and refused to go to anymore dances after that. Her tombstone shows her last name as "Green" but I haven't been able to find anyone who knows of this marriage. Near her tombstone is one of "Will Green" so I am assuming this may be the young man. Update 10-1-2015..."I have uncovered a mistake."Alice was not married to Will Green. " I believe that "Green" should have been her middle name, not last name. I now believe the tombstone had her name wrong and it should have benn Alice G(?)Boyd."

My great grandmother told this story to my mother and aunts. Virginia was already 31 years old and still not married. As they had Eugene’s "spinster" sister living with them he was getting a little worried about Virginia. She was finally being "courted" by Elijah E. Hodge, from Sumter, South Carolina. He came from a family there of well-to-do landowners. He approached her father and asked for "her hand in marriage". Eugene was said to reply “Heck yes. No one else seems to want her"! They were married December 25th 1906 in the Green Springs Methodist Church by Reverend Sims. 

Virginia and Elijah owned farmland in Tampa, Safety Harbor, and a strawberry farm and second house in Plant City. He also owned farmland in Sumter and they lived there for many years. He finally sold his house in Sumter and they moved to Florida. They still farmed on some land owned by a family member in Sumter. They would go back and forth tending these farms. On one trip to Sumter, my grandmother found him with another woman and headed back to Florida to file for divorce. During the time of the divorce, there was a court hearing. He was trying to get property from the marriage. The husband of one of his nieces went back with him to help. When he got there he was broke and had been evicted from his home. He could not find work and spent many a day hungry. She won and took everything! He died in 1938 in Clearwater where he was working as a carpenter. My mother and her sisters paid for a casket and took him back to Sumter to be buried. Virginia died in August 1960. She stilled owned a lot of property, mainly in the Tampa area. Since none of the children would have anything to do with her, she left each of them a lace tablecloth and $1.00 and the rest of her estate to two nieces. She did this so that they couldn't fight the Will. 

Wish that I did know more about the Boyd family but mother and my two aunts talked mainly about the Hodge side and attended those family reunions. I am still trying to find someone who might have the Family Bible from Eugene and Nancy as I am sure it would fill in the gaps.


Note: Biography of Eugene and Nancy (Blanton) Boyd  submitted by Karen Horniman on August 30, 2012.


Eugene A Boyd Family History Tidbits

My g grandparents came to Green Springs/Safety Harbor in 1884. They were Eugene A. Boyd and Nancy C.(Blanton) Boyd. Most of the Boyd’s are buried in the Sylvan Abby Memorial Park, in the "Florida Pioneers" section and the headstones and information can be found on FindAGrave. My Grandparents, Virginia Alberta Boyd and Elijah E. Hodge were married in the Green Springs Methodist Church, Dec.25, 1906 at 6:00PM by Rev. Sims. This information if from the family Bible and I can't find the marriage certificate in Pinellas or Hillsboro County, nor does the State have a copy. My grandmother, Virginia Hodge died in Tampa in 1960 and I have a copy of her obituary and death certificate. Also have death certificates of both Eugene and Nancy Boyd. My mother was born in Tampa in Jan.22, 1920 and lived there until she married in May 1937. I would love to have my family included in your site and I will try and send any information that you may need...July 28, 2012

 My aunt, Alta, married first husband, Hampton T. Smith, who was born in Fl. and aunt "Freddie" married Ernest Knox Jackson, whose family started the "Jackson Heights" area in Hillsborough. Aunt Alta is still living and in an Asst. Living home in Tampa...Aunt Freddie died in 1992 and is buried in Tampa, along with Uncle Ernest, but I have to look up the "where" ...July 31, 2012

Death Certificates
Nancy C. (Blanton) Boyd
Eugene A. Boyd

Cemetery Photos
Sylvan Abby Memorial

Boyd Family Bible Records
Page from the Bible belonging to Virginia Alberta (Boyd) Hodge

Boyd Family Photos

Aunt Alta & Uncle Hampton Smith
Ruby abt 2, Alta 5, Freddie 15 yrs.old
Aunt Freddie and Uncle Ernest Jackson
Safety Harbor Baptist Sunday School Class
Uknown Family Members
Elijah E. & Virginia Alberta (Boyd) Hodge

Other Records

Boyd Children and their Spouses

Interview With Alfred D. Boyd 
Alfred Boyd was the son of Jesse Boyd, brother of Virginia (Boyd) Hodge. This lengthy interview contains lots of history on Pinellas County.

R. Eugene Boyd Obituary (Link)
R. Eugene Boyd Obituary # 2 (Link)
Source: Photos and information submitted by Karen Horniman, great granddaughter of  Eugene and Nancy (Blanton) Boyd.

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