Boyd Family Photos

From the Bible belonging to Virginia Alberta (Boyd) Hodge

Death Certificate of Nancy Catherine Boyd

Death Certificate of Eugene A Boyd

Gravestones of Eugene A Boyd, Alfred D. Boyd, Jesse A & Henrietta Boyd, Will A. Green
Sylvan Abby Memorial Park..."Florida Pioneers"

Gravestones of Alice Boyd Green, Nancy Boyd & Eugene A. Boyd
Sylvan Abby Memorial Park..."Florida Pioneers" 

Gravestone of Will A Green...Husband of Alice Boyd

This is the Safety Harbor Baptist Church Sunday School Class...Mother, Ruby Lea, is the in front row, first on the right. She was born Jan.1920 so photo looks as if it was taken about 1925.


Aunt Alta & Uncle Hampton Smith

I believe this was taken when they got engaged...he was 13 yrs older than her. They had one child...a daughter. Hampton died Dec. 3, 1942 when their daughter was less than six months old. Alta then married George S. Garner, now deceased. She lives in Tampa.

Aunt Freddie and Uncle Ernest Jackson. They were childless.

Ruby abt 2, Alta 5, Freddie 15 yrs.old

Unknown Family Members
(These portraits were hanging on the wall)

Elijah E. and Virginia Alberta (Boyd) Hodge

Boyd Children and their Spouses

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