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Bought A Farm

Judge L. B. Cooper has purchased of Mrs. H. Barnett her 10 acre farm near Disston City and declares his intention of moving out there and spending the summer working his orange trees. Everyone will congratulate the judge on his acquisition, but will hope that he will not permit his propensity for hard work to retire him to the country permanently. Source: St. Petersburg Times: 5-4-1901

J. W. Smith is a recent addition to the population of Tarpon Springs, having moved here from Dunedin to enter into business. Mr. Smith is a hotel man and spent last winter in St. Petersburg as manager of one of the big houses in that city. Tarpon Springs Leader…Source: Evening Independent: 6-4-1915


House Is Sold

L. F. Hennington has bought from Mr. and Mrs. George D. Baker, the 8-room house at 734 ninth street north, for $5,500. The house is a good one. The deal was made by C. Buck Turner. Source: Evening Independent: 8-1919

Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Lindsey, of Kansas City, arrived in St. Petersburg yesterday to make this city their home. They are stopping with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Lindsey, 622 First avenue north. Mr. Lindsey who has been employed for a number of years for the Kansa City Star, has accepted a position as pressman for the Daily Times. He is a brother to Mrs. O. G. Heistand. Source: Evening Independent: 9-4-1918

Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Dever, son Dienzell, and Mrs. Graham, have moved to St. Petersburg to make their permanent home. Source: Evening Independent: 9-4-1918

Rev. E. M. Stanton, Jr., left for Sparks, Ga. A few days ago where he where he will join the faculty in one of the collages there. Source: Evening Independent: 9-4-1918


Tarpon Springs…Arnold Humphreys plans to leave in the next few days for his home in Sumter, S. C. Mr. Humphrey, local contractor, has made this his home for the last several years and has done splendid work. He has been a popular member of the younger set. Source: Evening Independent: 6-4-1929

Dunedin…F. W. Jacoby and family are moving to Tampa to reside. Source: Evening Independent: 6-5-1927

Tampa...Mr. Sam Rogers, of Sutherland, a large fruit grower of that place, who sold out a few weeks ago to a northern syndicate, has decided to make his future home in this city, on the seashore, where he and his wife feel well assured that they will be blessed in old age with good health. We firmly believe Mr. Rogers’ coming to our town will cause many settlers to follow his example. Source: Tampa Tribune: 7-29-1902

Rev. J. T. Perdue

The pastor of the St. Peter Episcopal Church of this city has accepted a call from Punta Gorda, Fla., where he will move with his family the latter part of this month. The Rev. Perdue as well as his family, are held in high esteem in this city and their many friends wish them success in their new field. Source: St. Petersburg Times: 11-9 1901

Retired Oil Man Buys Home Here

St. Petersburg…Mr. and Mrs. Paul Haskell, Maplewood, N. J., have purchased the six-room bungalow at 4820 Eighth avenue south, according to announcement made today. Mr. Haskell is a retired Standard Oil man. Source: Evening Independent: 11-1-39


Mr. and Mrs. Glen E. Smith and children, left early this morning for York, Pennsylvania, where they plan to make their future home. Mr. Smith has been principal here for the past two years and he has many friends here who regret to see him leave. Source: Evening Independent: 6-1-29

Tarpon Springs…Mr. and Mrs. George Howell plan to leave within a few days for an extended trip through the western and northwestern states, returning in September to St. Petersburg where they plan to make their future home. Mrs. Howell will hold a splendid position in the schools there and Mr. Howell one in business. Mr. and Mrs. Howell have made Tarpon Springs their home for the last several years and the many friends will regret to see them leave. Source: Evening Independent: 6-1-29


Tarpon Springs…Albert C. Hoover, teacher and football coach of the high school left early this morning for his home in Hickory, North Carolina. He will not return to Tarpon Springs next year much to the regret of his many friends here. Source: Evening Independent: 6-1-29

Largo…Rev. Mr. Mease and family have moved into the new house erected by

George Hammock. It is to be hoped more of our enterprising citizens will put up

houses for renting, as there is a demand for them during a good part of the year.

Source: Tampa Tribune: 2-10-1905

The many friends of Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Jones regret very much to lose them for

neighbors. Mr. Jones has built a new home in Clearwater, where they will make their

home. They still retain their property here and we hope will someday come back to

occupy the same. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 1-10-1913

Mr. and Mrs.  J.  A. Mortland, who have been making their home in Ocala Since last fall, will in the future reside in Pinellas county. Mr. Mortland will have charge of several large bridge contracts there and has already gone down to begin work.  Mrs. Mortland will join him shortly, but until she leaves she will be with Mrs. T. H. Johnson. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 1-13-1915

Tarpon Springs…Rev. and Mrs. Ralph Nagle, who for the past ten years has made the rectory of All Saints Episcopal church their home, has moved into their newly purchased home in Sunset Hills. Source: Evening Independent: 6-4-1929

Blanton Returns To Clearwater

Clearwater, Dec. 10…J. M. Blanton, one of the pioneer real estate men of Clearwater, who was known for years as “The Old Cracker,” has returned to his first love, after spending several years in St. Petersburg. Mr. and Mrs. Blanton and family have come back to make the count seat their permanent home. The former Clearwater developer announces that he intends to erect a fine residence on his harborfront property in North Shore Park, near Stevenson’s creek. He will beautify his grounds and make his subdivision one of the show places along this shore.

Mr. Blanton has sold his home in the Sunshine City, located at 616 East Fifteenth avenue north and Mrs. Blanton and her daughter Thelma came from St. Petersburg Saturday to make arrangements for their home here. They have rented the R. V. Long residence on Court street near the new Seaboard passenger station and will occupy it while the North Shore home is being built. Source: Evening Independent: 12-10-1923

Dr. Byrd McMullen Moves to Clearwater

Clearwater, Nov. 30…

Byrd McMullen, former county commissioner, has moved from his farm east of Clearwater to 1308 Madison avenue inside the city limits, it was learned today.

Some time ago it was reported that Dr. McMullen planned to move into the city and run for county commissioner against J. R. Thomas, incumbent, but the report was not substantiated by McMullen. Source: St. Petersburg Times:12-1-1935

Largo…D. R. Cummings closed his shop to accept a position with the Seaboard Airline at Jacksonville. Source: St. Pete Times: 1-25-1902

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