This is where you will find the comings and goings of your ancestors and citizens of Pinellas County in general as they moved into and out of our county. Were they relocating because of a job change or perhaps just accross town for some other reason.    

Moving To Jacksonville For New Position Cummings 1902 View
Former Co. Comm. Moves Inside City Limits McMullen 1935 View
A Pioneer Realestate Man Returns Blanton, Long 1923 View
Reverand And Family Moves From Rectory Nagle 1929 View
Work Forces Move From Marion County Mortland 1905 View
Reverend Rents New Home Mease, Hammock 1905 View
Moving To Clearwater For A Time Jones 1913 View
Tarpon Spgs. Teacher and Football Coach Moves Hoover 1929 View
Job's Make Relocating Necessary Howell 1929 View
Former Policeman Returns To Live Nighbert 1919 View
Ozona Family Moves To Clearwater Black 1930 View
Retired Oil Man Buys Home Here Haskell 1939 View
Tarpon Springs Principal Moves To Pennsylvania Smith 1929 View
Pastor Accepts Call And Will Move Perdue 1901 View
Will Move To Tampa Jacoby 1927 View
Local Tarpon Springs Contractor To Move To S. C. Humphrey 1929 View
Fruit Grower From Sutherland Moves To Tampa Rogers 1902 View
Will Make Their Home Here Lindsey, Heistand 1918 View
Family Moves To St. Petersburg Dever, Graham 1918 View
Moves To Georgia For New Position Stanton, Jr 1918 View
Moved Into Modern Bungalow Wilhelm, Crawford, Bailey 1921 View
Moving To St. Pete Byington 1921 View
Came From Quincy Booth 1914 View
Bought Another Place Rowland, Archibald 1906 View
Purchased Property Burns, Ross 1906 View
Moving To Tampa for New Position Jones, Brown 1918 View
Sells Apartment House Verbeck, Chatterton, Bouton, Smitz 1917 View
Bought A Farm Cooper, Bennett 1901 View
Hotel Man Moves To Tarpon Springs Smith 1915 View
House is Sold Hennington, Baker 1919 View

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