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Let's take a look at farming and agriculture in Pinellas County through the years.  Below is the name of an article followed by a surname where applicable, the date and whether scanned or transcribed.

Producing Delightful Crops in Largo Ulmer, Cleveland 1906 View
Exceptionally Good Crops Fraizer, Potter 1927 View
Dry Weather Lessens This Years Yield Graham 1908 View
Orange Shipment Misrepresented McClung 1901 View
Some Fancy Fruit Springstead 1901 View
Sending Pineapples To Cuba Bell 1901 View
Cattle Arrives From Marion County Sakistro 1914 View
A Fine Grove Neeld, Rogers, Blackstone 1901 View
Successful Grower Leads To New Position McClung, Toomer, Wilson 1901 View
Magnificent Property Features 300 New Fruit Trees Cole, Wood 1901 View
Interest In Orange Industry Steadily Growing Snell 1904 View
Bought A Farm Cooper, Barnett 1901 View
Now Shipping Grapefruit Booth 1901 View
Cattle Shops To Tarpon Springs Sakistro 1914 View
Tobacco Crops Cured At Clearwater Drew, Johnson, Hariman 1897 View
Melons Shipped To Northern Marts Ulmer, McNair, Coil 1937 View
Moving Dairy Farm To Pasco County Phelps 1924 View
Orange Crops Moving Through Packing Houses McLean, Grenelle, Earcy 1904 View
Cotton Baled In Pinellas County Baskin 1940 View
Turns Swamp Land Into Fertile Field Goodman, Moore 1913 View
Sold Valuable Grove Coachman, McMullen 1902 View
Growing Rare Fruit Swarie 1901 View
A Fine Grove Ludouico 1908 View
County Is An "Eden" Wise 1872 View
Judge Sells Last Grove Bell 1911 View
One of the Best Victory Gardens in Clearwater Baldwin 1942 View
Grows Huge Cabbages Fields 1914 View
Twelve Acres of Strawberries Williamson 1901 View
Remarkable Cherry Tree Ridgely 1908 View
Thirty Acres of Fine Groves Longley 1908 View
A Successful Grove Owner Heathcote 1908 View
A Fine Lot of Tomatoes Welding, Linden 1906 View
Linden Farms Produces Fine Peaches Linden Welding 1906 View
Horses Need Water Too 1908 View
New Hog Law Needed 1906 View
Sold Large Grove Harris, Lawrence,Rouse, Paulson
Williams, Smith, Bain, Powers
1920 View
Dairies Show Co-Operation Osborn, Wyman 1923 View
Common Mistake 1921 View
Sugar Cane In Ozona Nigels 1914 View
Grapes Being Grown 1921 View
First Shipment Of Fruit Milne, O'Berry 1922 View
Dairies Win High Grades Wyman (includes long list of names) 1922 View
Melon Weighs Fifty-One Pounds Helmes 1914 View
Sold Grove Rowland, Grever 1906 View
Fine Citrus Grove Bought Miller, Springstead 1914 View
Shows Off Peaches Bussey 1906 View
Judge Bell's Pineapples Bell 1901 View
Orange Growers Holding Out Springstead, Nye 1902 View
Cane Grinding In Ozona Long List Of Names 1914 View
Fruit Growers Value Rainfall Hill, Rehbaum 1930 View

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