Alexander Andrew Resmondo

Alex was born in Alabama on May 23, 1891 to the parents of John J. and Minnesota "Minnie" (Wilson) Resmondo. About 1915, Polly Cathrine Wilson who was born in Florida on October 2, 1900 became his wife. On the 1920 Baldwin County, Alabama Census, they are shown with two children living in the home of Alex's father. They were living in Winter Haven, Polk County, Florida when they lost a stillborn daughter on May 11, 1926 and Union County in 1930. By 1935 the family had located in Tarpon Springs. Their children Frances, Andrew, Clarence and Lem were living with them, but another son Leon seems to have remained in Alabama. By 1945 the family was living just outside the city limits of Tarpon Springs.  Polly died on the 29th of August 1947 and is buried at Cycadia Cemetery in Tarpon Springs. Sometime after his wife's death Alex began working on the east coast of Florida in the fish industry and owned a houseboat at one time. He moved back to Tarpon Springs and upon his death on June 6, 1968, he was buried along side of his wife and a son, who had predeceased him.

Author: Linda Flowers

Author's Note:
"Uncle Alex" as I referred to him, was a long time family friend. He carried himself well and looked like a dapper southern gentleman. When my great grandmother was to feeble to live on her own, he had a small trailer moved onto our property and built an addition onto it for her. As he was finishing granny's place, he decided I needed a place of my own and built me a one room playhouse complete with door, windows and awnings. I loved it and I loved "Uncle Alex." As an infant he had swooped me off the bed and rushed me to the hospital twelve miles away after I swallowed a marble and was in distress. I was actually pronounced dead at one point, but a shot of adrenalin was administered directly into my heart and I was revived. "Uncle Alex" remained a part of my life until his death.

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