When the United States entered WWII, women answered the call also. On May 14, 1942 the bill to "Establish a Women's Army Corps" became law and the women of our great country stepped up and served in a variety of capacities supporting our troops both overseas, as well as on the home front. The Women's Army Corp (WAC)   were the first women other than the nurses to serve within the ranks of the US Army. Radio operators, service clubs and map analysts are just a sample of their endeavors in helping our nation. Women seized the opportunity to do whatever it took to help support our troops and the defence of our nation. Female employment in defence industries grew by 462 percent from 1940 to 1944. "Thank you."

Women With Wings In World War II

Women In World War II The Women's Army Corp
Women's Military Service Memorial

Women Come To The Front

American Women Mariners in World War  II

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