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Joe Whitehead was kicked by a mule and is seriously injured. His son J. S., had his pitchfork caught in the belt of the thrasher and the handle flew back striking him a severe blow in the stomach laying him out senseless. The younger son then went to harness the mule to go for a doctor for both his father and brother and the mule kicked him in the face and he will probably not recover. Source: Evening Independent: 9-1-1913

One of the Cops

Just because a black bag looks suspicious is no sign that it contains moonshine. Motorcycle officer K. E. G. Stewart, together with patrolman M. A. Moody (the two usually travel together), ran across Walter McCloud, a Negro, Monday night. He was carrying a suspicious looking black bag, and seemed to be taking particular care in the way he handled the valise. Usually a bag of this type when carried by a Negro contains moonshine, according to the officers.

Moody, who was the first to climb down from the motorcycle, approached the Negro and demanded, “in the name of the law, open that bag.” McCloud did and two black puppies of recent birth greeted the suspicious officer’s eyes. Source: Evening Independent: 9-28-22

Annoyed By Mocking Bird Singing At The Moon, He Calls For Help

Introducing the city’s prize crank, not known by name, because the police report didn’t have it.

A man called headquarters this morning about 1:30 o’clock. He was peeved. A mocking bird was singing at the moon just outside his window. Would the police come down and shoo it away, or get rid of it? “If you don’t, I’ll leave town, he assured the desk man.

The cops did nothing. There is nothing they can do. Mocking birds, presumed to be of a great value to the state, are protected by every kind of law. The cops, who have received crowing rooster and crying baby complaints, but who never found a kick about the beauty of the mockingbird’s singing, scratched their heads and wondered. Source: Evening Independent: 5-9-30

A Chicken Hobo

John Williamson, ex-sanitary inspector, has a veritable chicken hobo. This fowl acquired the title to this wise: He boarded the passenger train in Tampa and after being repeatedly driven off, was finally allowed to have his way and road on the platform all the way to Ocala and was given to Mr. Williamson by the brakeman. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 8-16-1900

More Coming

It is reported that a young married man of Golconda, wrapped in the greatest excitement, flew to a telegraph office of his own town and wired his wife’s relatives a happening as follows:

“Twins today; more tomorrow,”  - Lyre

Source: Ocala Evening Star: 9-26-1903

Maggie Gets Drunk, Calls Patrol Wagon

Maggie Jordan, negress, a frequent visitor to the county jail, called up police headquarters Saturday night and told Desk Sargent Bob Black to send the patrol wagon out to Twenty-second street and get her because, “I is drunk again.”

Her request was not granted. She was picked up by Patrolmen Ed Goodwin and M. G. Coleman shortly after she phoned police headquarters.

She was charged with being drunk and placed under $25 bond. Maggie was released July 19 from the city stockade after serving a sentence of six days at hard labor. Previous to her arrest she had only been free for two days. Each time she called the officers to come get her. Source: St. Petersburg Times: 8-1-1932


Postmaster Hanna has made up his mind that kindness to cats does not pay. One morning a miserable looking thing of a cat came to his door begging---as he thought---for something to eat. Mr. Hanna invited the cat in and took it in his hands---and now his face looks as if he has been out all night. He certainly had a big time—but the cat got nothing to eat. Source: St. Petersburg Times: 7-20-1901

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