This is where I will add news articles that deal with the lighter
side of life. We can find humor in everything. Below is the
name of an article followed by a surname where applicable and
the date. 


Kindness Doesn't Always Pay Hanna 1901 View
Hogs Return Home In Drunkin State
1922 View
Quick Escape Plans Landis 1922 View
She Gets Drunk and Calls Police Jordan 1932 View
In His Excitement! 1903 View
A Chicken Hobo 1900 View
Suspicious Looking Black Bag McCloud, Stewart, Moody 1922 View
If It Wasn't For Bad Luck Whitehead 1913 View
Annoyed At Bird 1939 View
Well Traveled Gator 1920 View
Embarrased Cop Bostwick. Birchfield, Lebaron 1920 View
Fumes Of Whisky Powledge 1924 View
Mrs. Lincoln's Temper Lincoln, Bailey 1924 View
Runaway Rabbit Grover, Goodwin 1921 View
A Humorous Look at History
So Much For The Chickens
Coleman, Carpenter, Henry
Hen Adopt's Kittens

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