I have marriages listed elsewhere on this site. My
intention here is to list the names and dates
only that have been found in the newspapers
for Pinellas County.

Homer Mohr & Mary Langdon...5-24-1903
St. Petersburg Times: 5-30-1903
Royce Ley Crum & Dorothy Wood Lee...
St. Petersburg Times: 5-13-1924
Henry Haskins & Verna Smate...5-24-1903
St. Petersburg Times: 5-30-1903
Bert Brandon & Jessie Brown...
St. Petersburg Times: 11-2-1901
Mr. E. J. Chapman & Alta Plunkett...
St. Petersburg Times: 3-21-1903
Dr. Samuel K. Barker & Charlotte Drew...1-27-1914
Clearwater News: 1-29-1914
John Beckett & Elsie Whitting...7-1-1914
Clearwater News: 7-2-1914
David Galaher & Sarah Meyer...10-15-1929
Evening Independent: 10-15-1929
Sam H. Hicks & Haille Cleghor...6-27-1914
Clearwater News: 7-2-1914
Louis Hudson Holtzclaw & Ava Dyxic Addison...7-1-1914
Clearwater News: 7-2-1914
Walter D. Jordan & Vanita Butler...2-10-1914
Clearwater News: 2-19-1914
Johnnie McKoine & Olive Howard...10-19-1921
Evening Independent: 10-21-1921
Robert McMullen & Margarett Holland...1-29-1914
Clearwater News: 1-29-1914
A. Scott & Nettie C. Williams...5-1-1919
Evening Independent: 5-2-1919
Capt. J. P. Sharp & Grace McIntire...12-9-1914
Clearwater News: 12-10-1914
Lee R. Sheffield & Thelma Bemis...10-20-1921
Evening Independent: 10-21-1921
Fred Wiseman & Ethel Huggins...11-16-1914
Clearwater News: 11-19-1914
B. J. Woodside & Maude Pheil...12-6-1920
Evening Independent: 12-7-1920
Dr. R. F. Wyatt & Edna Fulton...12-2-1914
Clearwater News: 12-10-1914
G. E. Eady & Della Carruthers...10-26-1901
St. Petersburg Times: 10-26-1901
L. K. Close & Annie Fogle...10-26-1901
St. Petersburg Times: 10-26-1901
Bert Brandon & Miss Jessie Brown...10-31-1901
St. Petersburg Times: 11-2-1901
William Jone McLeod, Jr & Hazel Caroline Goza...6-30-1940
St. Petersburg Times: 7-1-1940
Mr. Roy S. Hanna & Mrs. Ridgely...9-12-1905
Ocala Banner: 9-15-1905
 Archie Spence & Miss Birdie Hammack...12-20-1904
St. Petersburg Times: 1-2-1904
Loring P. Mace & Eleanor Morrish
Tampa Tribune: 7-12-1907
Henry Bennie & Rachel Bates...7-14-1901
St. Petersburg Times: 7-27-1901
L. Caruthers & Miss Fannie Griner
St. Petersburg Times: 5-31-1902
Ledley S. Dodson &  Miss Sarah Virginia Cheyne...11-8-1941
St. Ppetersburg Times: 11-9-1941

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