These are deaths mentioned in old Pinellas County newspapers. They are not full obituaries so I thought I would place them here. For full obituaries please check out my obituary page. I have the name of the person and date of the newspaper article.  If you have any articles of deaths you would like to submit, please consider doing so. You will be given full credit for any submissions. Thanks!

J. A. Saunders 10-7-1919 View
Costas Skeriotios 7-7-1931 View
William Gates 7-12-1907 View
Mrs. F. Dannenman 2-16-1919 View
Mrs. Myrtice "Honey" Jackson Rogers 5-4-1906 View
Mrs. J. C. Green 8-28-1904 View
H. Tracy Bronson 2-22-1938 View
Philip Sutton 8-27-1919 View
Myron Duke 1-17-1905 View
S. R. Garrison 10-28-1931 View
Mrs. Mary C. Chalker 10-2-1934 View
Charles S. Millican 1-17-1944 View
Mrs. Hanna Vangorder 2-14-1908 View
 William Gore 5-24-1900 View
 William Millikin 2-6-1939 View
 Wayn Stanley 3-16-1921 View
Andrew Jackson 6-23-1906 View
J. R. Blount 11-2-1901 View
Mrs. Cora Marshman 9-21-1901 View
Joseph Cardy 9-21-1901 View
Walter Meres 12-21 1920 View
Mrs. Etherl Bethel Miranda 2-3-1904 View
James W. Bissel 9-3-1914 View
T. S. Baldwin 1-1-1914 View
Mrs. Ellen Harding 12-21-1920 View
Mrs. Annie Phelps 2-20-1904 View
George Arringdale 3-26-1936 View
Lot V. Hart 3-19-1904 View
Mrs Louise W. Nigels 1-5-1898 View
Fred L. Blendencer 6-4-1929 View
Agustus H. Wiggins 2-6-1940 View
Mary O. Flagler 1-4-1942 View
Mrs. Alex Donaldson 11-24-1906 View

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