Infant And Child Deaths

If you are doing research on your family you may not know of the existence of all the children born in a family. The census records offer a GLIMMER, but one must remember there is a ten year gap. You may find that there was a child, but not know the gender. I will be adding names of infants and children that died in Pinellas County as I find them through the pages of old newspapers. Some babies were buried without ever having a name. It is my desire to honor the young lives of these infants and young children who perished after only a few short years. Below is the name of the parents. You will find the name of the child, if one is known, when you link to the aricle.

Mr. & Mrs. W. E. Allison
Mr. & Mrs. Ray C. Brand
Mr. & Mrs. Earle E. Crossley
Mr. & Mrs. R. J. Cole
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Fuller
Mr. & Mrs. Chester Griffin
Mr. & Mrs. N. R. Harrod
Mr. & Mrs. Harvey Hendrix
Mr. & Mrs. W. C. Henry
Dr. & Mrs. John A. Herring
Hudson Orphan...Hudson Family
Mr. & Mrs. J. T. Jackson
Mr. & Mrs. O. E. Jackman
Mr. & Mrs. G. W. Johnson
Mr. & Mrs. John Katras
Mr. & Mrs. Brown McMullen
Fire Chief & Mrs. J. T. McNulty
Mr. & Mrs. Moore
Mr. & Mrs. W. J. Murphy
Mr. & Mrs. W. B. Nourse
Mr. & Mrs. H. L. Olliff
Mr. & Mrs. George Roberts
Mr. & Mrs. J. Harvey Shrock
Mr. & Mrs. Robert M. Thompson Jr. 
Mr. & Mrs. W. L. Tillinghast
Mr. & Mrs. W. L. Tillinghast
Mr. & Mrs. J. W. Walters
Mr. & Mrs. Henry Weathers
Mr. & Mrs. Jose Weisler
Mr. & Mrs. Marion G. Wrenn
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