Orange Growers Organize

Hillsborough County Fruit Growers Protective Assn.

M. J. McMullen, who returned yesterday, from attending the fruit growers convention at Clearwater, is enthusiastic over the prospect offered for the new association.

The name of the body is the Hillsborough County Fruit Growers Protection Association, and was organized with some sixty or seventy members. It was permanently organized on Thursday last, and will meet, henceforth, on the last Thursday in every month. The next meeting is called for the last Thursday in August.

The following officers were elected for the ensuing year: L. B. Skinner, president; W. A. McMullen, vice-president; T. J. Sheridan, secretary and treasurer.

The following directors were appointed: Hugh Somerville, chairman, Dunedin; John Thompson, Clearwater; C. W. Butler, St. Petersburg; J. H. Brown, Clearwater; F. M. Campbell, Largo; Robert Leach, Johns Pass; C. W. Walt, Ozona and Seaside; W. H. Bigelow, Tarpon Springs; B. L. McMullen, Bay View and Safety Harbor; W. H. Beckwith, Tampa.

The following list comprises the charter members of the association:

P. J. Bailey, Moffatt McClung, John Thompson, Hugh Somerville, M. J. McMullen, D. C. McMullen, Geo. W. Hammock, G. C. Warren, W. H. Beckwith, M. V. Allen, J. T. Humphries, J. H. Brown, L. B. Skinner, Mr. Prewitt, Rome Tinny, Robt. Leach, I. E. Nicholson, R. J. Booth, B. L. McMullen, Geo. D. Woods, Thos. J. Sheridan, Wm. Wallace, A. S. Meares, Ward McMullen, W. A. McMullen, R. M. Brumby, J. M. Dieffenweirth, J. P. Campbell, A. J. Grant, F. M. Campbell, R. W. Roberts, William Whitehurst, D. E. Shaw, Daniel McMullen, F. H. Adams, W. R. Beckett, F. E. Grable, C. F. Wall, E. J. Allen, W. Cobb, A. M. O’Quinn, C. B. Collins, W. A. Belcher, R. M. Dief, J. J. McMullen, R. F. McMullen, P. Dieffenweirth, H. C. Markley, Wm. C. Richardson, E. H. Coachman, G. R. Arthur, Geo. Booth, S. S. Coachman, W. J. Geiger, S. J. Meares, J. K. Matthews, R. A. Jackson, Geo. W. Campbell, J. J. McMullen, Cyrus Butler.

Source: Tampa Tribune: 7-29-1900
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