City and County Directory - 1902

This directory was presented at a time when St. Petersburg was a part of Hillsborough County.

City Officials:

R. H. Thomas…Mayor
G. J. Aiken…Clerk and Collector
W. W. Wise…Treasurer
E. H. Myers…City Attorney
W. C. Deas…Marshal
Jack Askew…Night Watchman
Jos. E. Guisinger…Prin. Public School


George Edwards, President; W. C. Henry, President pro temp;
Street Committee - C. C. Wilder; F. E. Cole; J. B. Wright; O. T. Railsback
Sanitary Committee – Henry, Cole, W. L. Ainslie
School Committee – Wright, Wilder, F. E. Cole
Water Works Committee – Wright, Cole Wilder
Buildings Committee – Railsback, Wilder, Ainslie
Finance Committee – Cole, Wright, Railsback
Fire and Police Committee – Ainslie, Henry, Wilder

School Trustees:

George Edwards, President; E. P. Harrison; A. P. Weller; Jos. E. Guisinger


State Senator, Thomas Palmer, Tampa

Representatives - J. W. Williamson, Clearwater; J. L. Young, Plant City

F. M. Roble…County Judge
Baron Phillips, County Attorney
W. L. Hanks…Clerk of Court
W. T. Leslie…Sheriff
I. S. Giddens…Treasurer
Ivy Register…Tax Assessor
C. E. Worth…Tax Collector
B. C. Graham…Sup’t Schools
T. J. Beaty…Surveyor 

County Commissioners: 

A. J. Knight, Chairman, 2nd dist; C. B. Ware, 1st dist; D. J. Garvin, 3rd dist; W. B. Branch, 4th dist; D. McDonald, 5th dist. 

County Criminal Court: 

? Graham, Judge: F. M. Simton, Solicitor; Mitchell McKay, Clerk

Circuit Court: 

J. B. Wall…Judge
P. O. Knight…States Attorney

County Board of Education: 

J. E. Crane, President, J. J. Eldridge, J. L. Hackney, B. C. Graham. Secretary


Source: St. Petersburg Times: 3-15-1902 & 8-28-1902

Transcribed, Formatted and Submitted by Linda Flowers


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