Here Comes The Judge Transcribed

Claude Cooper and Harvey Bragg, Tarpon Springs, who pleaded guilty to uttering forged instruments, each drew a sentence of one year in the Raiford Prison. Evening Independent: 12-18-1931

Life Term Given Negro Murderer

     Willie Cole, negro, who was convicted last week of murder in connection with the death of George Dash, on Weedon’s Island, was sentenced to life imprisonment at the Raiford state prison, by Judge J. C. B. Koonce of the circuit court yesterday.

     Cole was arrested following the discovery of Dash’s body in the ruins of a shack on Weedon’s Island last winter. Dash had apparently been murdered with an axe and the body dragged into the construction shack and the building fired to hide the crime. Evidence against Cole was purely circumstantial  and the negro was convicted after a bitter legal fight. Source: Evening Independent: 6-4-1927

Deputies In Raid Seize Moonshine

     Raiding a house on sixteenth street south deputy sheriffs Friday night confiscated 72 pints of moonshine liquor and arrested one man, according to Fred Wells, deputy sheriff, who conducted the raid.

      Warren Luckenback was taken into custody and charged with possession of moonshine liquor. He gave a $500 bond for appearance at a preliminary hearing today. Source: St. Petersburg Times: 6-6-1925


F. D. Leivonen, alleged to have used profane language and to have followed a street car on which a woman was riding was fined $65.65 including costs. Constable C. J. Sims made the arrest. Source: St. Petersburg Times: 6-6-1925

S. Hogan, arraigned on a statutory offence, was assessed $50, Monday morning. John G. Curhuff and A. E. Swanson, will be tried for drunkedness. Source: St. Petersburg Times: 6-6-1925

Ex Treasurer Collins

Arrested at His Home and taken to Tallahassee

   Sheriff Spencer has returned from the West Coast section where he went to accompany Deputy Sheriff Hopkins, of Leon County, to arrest ex-Treasurer, Clarence B. Collins.
   The two officials found Mr. Collins at his home near Clearwater. Mr. Collins was very bitter in his denunciation of Governor Bloxham and intimated that the governor could have stopped the proceedings against him if he had tried and done as he promised he would do.
   The charge against Collins is embezzlement and his accounts with the state are short $52,000 and with the counties $13,000 making a total of $65,000. 

Source: Morning Tampa: 12-7-1897

Police Raid Gambling Game

J. H. McGrath, city detective; Lloyd Bostwick, motorcycle officer; M. A. Moody, William Murphy and “Slim” Moulton raided a negro gambling den on Ninth street Saturday night, arresting Aaron Allen, George Sanders, Levi Honor and Tom Larman who were said to have been playing “skin.” All with the exception of Sanders were released  on $10 bond. Police say Sanders is wanted on forging a check. Source: St. Petersburg Times: 4-3-1921

Destroy 16 Barrels of Mash Found In Woods

Led by sheriff, raiding party decides not to wait for distillers to show up

   Led by Sheriff W. A. Lindsay and Mrs. J. A. Hance, of the Hance Agency, a raiding party destroyed 16 barrels of whisky mash in the woods southwest of St. Petersburg last night at 9:30 o’clock.
   Because of the fact that the mash was apparently just started and would not be ready to run for a week or more, Mrs. Hance said last night that it was destroyed in lieu of setting a day and night watch for that length of time to catch the operators.
   “We haven’t the men or the facilities for such an exhaustive watch, “ Mrs. Hance said. Source: Evening Independent: 1-3-24

Held On $200 Bond

Robert Patten, a white man charged with stealing a pair of shoes from a negro, was tried yesterday afternoon before Magistrate R. R. Carter and held to the grand jury on $200 bond. He was taken to Clearwater today by Constable D. P. Johnson. Patten surprised the men in court yesterday by asking that john U. Bird, county prosecutor, defend him. Source: Evening Independent: 7-12-1917


Willie Wilkinson, the St. Petersburg negro who shot Policeman Rawls through the hand Thursday night and who was himself shot through the body by the officer, still is very low at Clara Frye’s Hospital. Physicians attending the negro are making a strenuous effort to pull him through, but developments thus far leave his recovery an undecided question.

Wilkinson is conscious and is wondering what the law will do to him if he recovers. Tampa Tribune-Source: Evening Independent: 12-2-1913

Ex-Policeman Under Bond

Charged with assault and battery upon Sam Moran, former patrolman R. V. Wilson was placed under a $100 bond yesterday by Justice Drumright for appearance before criminal court. Wilson beat Moran Sunday at the Cherokee saloon and was fined Monday morning $100 for the offense by Judge Cohen in police court. Wilson at present has a petition before the city council asking for a remission of the fine assessed against him in police court. Source: Tampa Tribune: 7-12-1907

Sims Destroys Two Stills And Moonshine Mash

Constable C. J. Sims, with the assistance of Detective Lloyd Bostwick, destroyed two stills and four barrels of mash, mixed to make moonshine whisky, according to the police, in a raid near Lake Magoire Wednesday afternoon. The owner of the stills could not be located.

The two stills were found in the rear of the farm known as the Loveless place. Source: St. Petersburg Times: 5-15-24

Blind Tigers Caught In Tarpon Drag Net

Officers Raid Six So-Called Lunch Stands

Tarpon Springs, Nov. 20…On Monday night local officers raided several sandwich stands in this city and brought into custody six men charged with running blind tigers. Four of the accused were Greeks while the remaining two were negroes. In municipal court on Tuesday morning, five pleaded guilty to the charges against them, but one negro pleaded not guilty and appealed to the County Court. The cases from the docket are as follows:

Eddie Johnson, negro, pleaded not guilty, fined $100 and costs. Appealed to County Court.

Boston Marten, negro, pleaded guilty, fined $75 and costs.

Audrius Kladakis, Greek, pleaded guilty, fined $75 and costs.

D. D. Sperides, Greek, pleaded guilty, fined $100 and court costs.

Theo Dedos, Greek, pleaded guilty, fined!100 and costs.

James Lacouris, Greek, fined $100 and costs.

Source:Tampa Tribune: 11-21-1915

Taxi Driver Gets Choice: Jail, Fine

Appearing yesterday before magistrate Joe E. Carpenter on a charge of assault, H. R. Tilly, a taxicab driver, was found guilty and sentenced to pay a $30 fine or serve 30 days in jail.

Tilly was arrested on complaint of J. R. Hutchinson, who said Tilly attacked him Friday night en route to Bay Pines facility in Tilly’s taxicab. Source: St. Petersburg Times: 11-1-41

Negro Offers Reward

John Nicks returned to the city today and is offering a reward for the man or men who tried to blow up his building several weeks ago. He has offered a reward of $100. Nicks has been at Tuskegee, Ala. for some weeks. The damage done to his building was not great. Source: Evening Independent: 6-4-1917

Sutherland…A thief entered the garage of Mr. A. Frank Childs sometime between Saturday and Monday and made away with a large tire from the big truck, together with the inner tube and rim. Tuesday morning Mr. Clarence Mattice upon going to his garage, discovered that his Ford roadster with all his tools and camping equipment which he had just finished getting in shape for a trip to the east coast had been stolen. Owing to the numerous private marks of identification which Mr. Mattice had on both car and tools, it may be difficult to dispose of. Source: Tampa Tribune: 4-2-23

Chief of Police Uses His Gun

Last Saturday evening Mrs. Eva Thornton left her purse, containing a ticket to Clearwater and about $20 in cash, in the waiting room of the depot when she boarded the train to Clearwater. Before a search could be made for the missing purse, it had been stolen.

Suspicion pointed to one Will Jackson, a young negro, who was arrested by Marshall Deas Sunday morning. The negro, though slight in build, put up a desperate fight, and the officer was compelled to shoot him with his revolver before he would surrender. The bullet inflicted a slight flesh wound in the hand.

Monday morning Jackson was tried before Justice L. B. Cooper, and bound over to await the action of the Criminal court, in default of $200 bail. Source: St. Petersburg Times. 9-26-1908

Negro Refuses To Play Guitar And Gets Beaten

Because, Charlie Jones, negro, wouldn’t play his guitar to amuse George Thomas, also a negro, the latter proceeded to beat Charlie up, say police who interrupted the fray by taking both of the men to city jail, where Jones was chargred with being drunk and Thomas with disorderly conduct.

Jones was fined $7.50 Monday morning in municipal court, by Judge W. F. Way. Thomas was tried at the same time before R. P. Templeton, Justice of the Peace, who continued the case over until Aug. 4. Police say that Charlie spent a merry afternoon Sunday entertaining his fellow prisoners at the city jail with several appropriate numbers on the guitar. Source: St. Petersburg Times: 8-4-1925

Jack McDaniel was bound over to county court yesterday by magistrate John T, Fisher on a charge of driving while under the influence of liquor.

State Patrolman Olin Hill arrested McDaniel on county road No. 15. McDaniel was released on payment of $100 bond. Judge Fisher also suspended his driver’s license pending his trial in county court. Source: St. Petersburg Times: 10-2-1940

The negro, John Evans, who was lynched in St. Petersburg Thursday night abided for awhile in his passage thru this world in Marion county, and was sent up by the superior court to serve a term in the penitentiary for grand larceny. The officers here say he was a bad character and it was probably safe for the people of St. Petersburg to lynch him on general principles, whether he was guilty of the crimes he was accused of or not. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 11-14-1914

A reckless driving charge brought a $10 fine or 20 days in jail to Clarence Sparkman. Sparkman was charged with obstructing traffic by parking on a highway. Source: St. Petersburg Times: 10-2-1940

Owner Must Quiet Barking Dogs

Dog trouble brought James A. Spellman, 3726 Ninth avenue south, into city court yesterday where he was given a suspended $25 fine by Municipal Judge Herbert L. Peterson.

F. E. Clark, the complainant, testified Spellman had four dogs that “just barked and barked.” Judge Peterson told Spellman he would suspend the fine “if your dogs are kept quiet in the future.” Source: St. Petersburg Times: 10-4-1940

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