Who broke the law and went to jail? Hopefully no one in your family, but if so you just might find their name listed here. Of course not everyone who got in trouble with the law wound up in jail and some individuals were in trouble for little of nothing. Some of the incidents can be quite amusing at times. Let's look at some of the stories that made news "Between The Pages." I have the name of the article listed followed by a surname where applicable and date.

Owner Must Quiet Barking Dogs Spellman, Clark, Peterson 1940 View
Plot to Kill Jailer Uncovered Jackson, Diffin, Carr 1906 View
Officers Get Copper Still Strickland, Coleman 1924 View
Reckless Driving Charge Sparkman 1940 View
Driving Under The Influence McDaniel, Hill, Fisher 1940 View
Lynched On General Principles Evans 1914 View
Reporter Finds Still In Heart Of City Wyman 1921 View
Beaten After Refusing To Play Guitar Jones. Thomas, Way 1925 View
A Thief On The Loose In Sutherland Childs, Mattice 1923 View
Chief  Of Police Uses Gun Thornton, Jackson, Cooper 1908 View
Negro Offers Reward Nicks 1917 View
Deputies Nab Poker Players Mills, Daugherty, Russell, Bresley, Simms, Hance 1921 View
Various Court Cases Parker, Freeman, Duboise, Davis, Mennis, Lambright, Robies
Jackson, Williams, McCoy
1914 View
Board of Commissioners Indicted Wood, Railstock, Lowe, Coachman, Vinson 1914 View
Guilty of Fornication Davis, Nesbitt 1914 View
Taxi Driver Assults Passenger Tily, Carpenter, Hutchinson 1941 View
Blind Tigers Caught In Tarpon Drag Net Lacouris, Johnson, Marten, Kladakis, Sperides, Dedos 1915 View
Two Stills Destroyed Simms, Bostwick 1924 View
Policeman Returns Fire Wilkenson, Rawls 1913 View
Ex-Policeman Under Bond Drumright, Wilson, Moran, Cohen 1907 View
Held On $200 Bond Johnson, Bird, Patten 1917 View
Ex Treasuerer Arrested Collins, Spencer, Humphries 1897 View
Police Raid Gambling Game McGrath, Bostwick, Moody, Murphy, Moulton,
Sanders, Honor, Larman; Allen
1921 View
16 Barrels of Mash Destroyed Lindsay, Hance 1924 View
Life Term For Murderer Cole, Dash, Koonce 1927 View
Deputies Seize Moonshine In Raid Luckenback, Wells 1925 View
Stalking and Use of Profane Language Leivonen, Sims 1925 View
Statutory Offence and Drunkedness Court Cases Hogan, Curhuff, Swanson 1925 View
Ran Off With Greek's Money Manteris 1906 View
Guilty of Practicing Without A License Mallet, Brandon 1914 View
Possession of Intoxicating Liquor Hance, Bird, Lindsey, Johnson 1913 View
Mayor Arrests Himself Pulver 1922 View
No Rush To Trial Coker, Ellis 1921 View
Investigates Complaints Of Cattle
1925 View
First Prisoners To Ride In New Patrol "Paddy" Wagon
Coslick,Collins, Erickson 1924 View
Local Desperado Shot And Killed Morton, Neigle, 1900 View
Charged With Manslaughter Macraneris, Vasanos, McFarland, McKay, Robies, Palmer, Chancey 1914 View
One Year In Raiford  Cooper, Bragg 1931 View
Reward Offered Boone, Rowland 1914 View
Booze Running Smith, Thomas, Bostwick, Moody 1921 View
Car "Borrower" Caught Davis, Grundy, Cromartie, Dalby, Turner 1924 View
Breaks Jug Of Whisky Frederick, Blanchard, Murphy, Hawkins, Viney 1923 View
Transporting Whisky...Lost Car Hart, McMullen, Adcock 1921 View
Charged With Speeding Russ, Viney 1923 View
Greek Saloons In Tarpon Springs Raided Strickland, Lindsey, Nelson 1924 View
Man & Wife Held In Shooting Death Evans, Moore, Sefeo, Daughtry 1923 View
Arrested For Numerous Crimes Davis, Burke 1923 View
Wine Destroyed On Front Lawn of Jail Palmer, Wilder, Allen 1923 View
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