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Beckett Pork Supply Destroyed by Snake 

Commissioner Ed Beckett reported today that his winter’s supply of pork had been destroyed recently by a rattlesnake at his farm northeast of Tarpon Springs. The commissioner had been counting on a 200- pound sow to supply him with pork this winter. A few days ago a rattler invaded the pen and killed the animal. Several other hogs of common variety were bitten but not killed.
Source: St. Petersburg Times: 6-2-1937


The delivery horse of Sims Brothers concluded last Tuesday to take a stroll about town, while the order was being packed up. The horse started across the street at a lively gait and down the asphalt sidewalk by Col. Jenness’ residence. The wagon struck small oak tree and both the wagon and the tree were used up. 
Source: St. Petersburg Times: 6-1-1901

39 Miles to Tarpon 

Dr. Wilcox drove his Rio to Tarpon Springs and back Saturday afternoon. His speedometer registered 39 miles one way. He left at noon and returned at six o’clock; performing a surgical operation at Tarpon. Considering an 80 mile drive through the pine woods and the stay at Tarpon, he made a record trip.
Source: Evening Independent: 1-4-1908

Measuring The Sugar Ration 

    Many people who have always used sugar freely and who are now anxious to cut down their sugar consumptions honestly, in accord with regulations, have been somewhat puzzled on how to go about it. They never measured the sugar they have ate, and the present ration doesn’t mean much whenfacing a sugar bowl.
     Here is a simple and fairly accurate method of measuring sent out in some government food conservative notes.
     Two pounds per month means two pounds per person every 30 or 31 days. The approximate daily ration for one person therefore is one ounce. That ounce may be measured with ordinary household teaspoons or tablespoons of average size. Two and one half level tablespoons may be considered equivalent to one ounce; one round tablespoon or six level teaspoons.
     The ration may be divided between table use and cooking as the user wishes, of course. Three level teaspoons for table use and three for cooking is a convenient basis for division. The foolish person who puts his 2 1/2 level teaspoons on his breakfast food must deny himself sugar at lunch and dinner if he is to play fair with the food administration, with our fighting men and our allies.
Source: Evening Independent: 9-1918

Wakens From His Doze To Find A Rattler Asleep On His Leg

Clearwater…Going to sleep with a rattlesnake is a somewhat dangerous business Clyde Mason admits. Last Thursday, he and some other young men were in the woods not far from Lake Butler. The weather being warm, inclining to drowsiness, Mason laid down under a tree for a nap. He had hardly dozed off before he felt something on his leg and looking down saw a large rattler had crawled up on him. When he kicked the snake off it struck at him and bit him on the ankle. A rubber boot which he was wearing saved him and none of the poison got into his system. The reptile was killed. Source: Evening Independent: 6-1-1925

Foreclosure Sale…Of The Phosphate Lands Belonging to the Defunct St. Petersburg Bank

A foreclosure sale of the Globe Phosphate Mining and Manufacturing Co., of Citrus County, is advertised in the Citrus County Chronicle by the St. Petersburg bank, in which the depositors of that defunct fiscal institution are deeply interested. It will be sold October 6, 1902. It is said to be a valuable piece of phosphate property. The description occupies over three columns of the Chronicle. Source: Ocala Evening Star 9-6-1902

The first and only mule car ever operated on the streets of St. Petersburg was put in use on the Bayboro line, under prospect of construction. The mule pulled a work car from Central avenue to the end of the line. Source: Evening Independent: 9-15-1910

Ozona, Feb. 5…Henry Smith has been kept quite busy with his commodious launch, “Duane.” During the last few days he has taken out Mr. and Mrs. Treat and party, another day quite a large party to the grouper bar, last Thursday a party of young people to the island. Ozona is fortunate in having just such accommodations for the pleasure of its tourists. Source: Tampa Tribune: 2-6-1915

Private Telephone Line

A private telephone line will be built for David C. Cook, the wealthy Elgin, Ill. Publisher, who is now building a handsome home on Maximo Point, several miles from St. Petersburg. He has made a long term contract with Howard Frazee, local manager of the West Coast Telephone Company, to use the phone and the wires are being strung to the residence. The house will be one of the handsomest in the county, costing about $10,000 and is soon to be completed. Mr. Cook will occupy it as a winter resident. Source: Tampa Tribune: 3-29-1913

St. Petersburg…J. B. Leffingwell, Jr., and Teddy Betts experimented in wireless telegraphy Tuesday afternoon. They sent messages from the Bussey building to Grant Aiken’s old office in the Wood block across the avenue. Source: Tampa Tribune: 7-12-1907

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