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CLEARWATER RUSHES CAUSEWAY OPERATIONS...Work is going forward with a rush on the new free causeway at Clearwater, which the city is building to connect the mainland to the city park on Clearwater Beach Island. The speed with which the work is progressing indicates that this important link for a major development on the south end of the island will be completed this year. The second dredge is now on the job under the direction of the Tampa Sand and Shell Co. who have the contract for this gigantic fill. The new causeway will be 100 feet wide and more than 9000 feet long and will have a steel draw over the main channel in the bay. Noting the rapidity with which this work is going forward, many shrewd investors are buying home sites and business locations in the magnificent subdivision being developed on the south end of the island by the Lloyd, White and Skinner Development Co. of Tampa.  Source:: St. Petersburg Times: 6-30-1925

Ready To Start Work ON Pass-A-Grille Railroad

Noel A. Mitchell has returned from Tampa, where he was in consultation with business men associated with him in the past to build a street car line at Pass-A-Grille. Mr. Mitchell says engineers will begin on the survey in a few days and that the road will be completed in two months after work of laying the track starts. The road will be a mile and a half long, but ultimately will be extended. Source: Evening Independent: 3-5-1913

Tarpon Springs, the BUSY and BEAUTIFUL City…has gained 332 per cent in population from 1900 to 1910, the greatest gain in any town in Florida. Has 3,500 inhabitants now. Paved streets, water works and sewerage, ice and electric light plant, all modern conveniences. Business and investment opportunities. Large hotel needed and will pay for information, address Decker & Durrance, Real Estate, Tarpon Springs, Fla. Source: Tampa Tribune: 4-4-1912

Ozona is Incorporated as a Municipality…Officers elected Tuesday night at Big Meeting of Citizens

Born to Pinellas County, November 10, 1914, another incorporated town, vix. Ozona, under the able instructions of County Judge Brandon. Officers elected were: L. H. Eavy, mayor: H. L. Grider, clerk; T. A. Gains, treasurer; A. N. Fulford, assessor; A. R. Robinson, tax collector; Ben Fulford, marshall; J. C. Jordan, C. G. Robinson, J. A. Snell, W. D. Wood and D. R. Cox, councilmen. Sheriff Whitehurst and Harry Tuneburke, court photographer, returned to Clearwater after the meeting. Nearly the whole town attended the meeting. Source: Clearwater News: 11-12-1914


Local Man Builds Block of Stores

 An unusual type of business block is being constructed in Clearwater by T. F. McCall, of this city. The main building will be used for stores, of which there is place for 12, and at either end of this structure a two story building will be erected. The second story of one will contain offices and the other will be divided into apartments. The building will have a 200 foot frontage and a depth of 90 feet. It will face Ft. Harrison Avenue and will extend from the new city hall to Gray Moss Inn. Source: St. Petersburg Times: 10-1-22


Excursion Extraordinary


An Opportunity To Visit Tampa’s Future Summer Resort

 One of the most urgent needs felt by the citizens of  our rapidly growing city is an assessable locality possessing the requirements of a summer resort and watering place, where, during the heated term of our long summers, our families can escape from the oppressiveness of the city, to bathe in the cool waters of the Gulf and breathe the invigorating air of the ocean and where the overworked business man can escape for a few days outing, or if he cannot find time for this, where he can run down for the evening, spend the night and return to his business in the morning.

 Morey Beach, at Pass-A-Grille possesses all these requirements. The location and lay of the land is perfect; high and dry, a narrow strip of land only 400 feet wide surrounded by water, the Gulf on the west, the bay on the east. This landlocked bay offers fine and safe canoeing for ladies and children. For surf bathing the Gulf beach is unequaled on the coast of Florida and is perfectly safe. Pass-A-Grille has been noted for years as one of the finest fishing grounds on the Gulf coast, Tarpon fishing in the pass and deep sea fishing in the Gulf.

 The location of Forquer’s far-famed Floating Palace at Pass-A-Grille has brought this favored locality to the notice of many of our most prominent citizens and its growing popularity with this class of people speaks more for its success as a watering place and summer resort than anything we can say. It is our intention to make Morey Beach the most desirable place in Florida for summer homes. With this object in view we will sell on Thursday, April 8th, 50 lots in Morey Beach for the nominal price of $50 each. The steamer “Mistletoe” will leave I. S. Giddens & Co.’s dock at 8 a. m. for Pass-A-Grille, leaving there at 4 p. m. Parties desiring to see this property can obtain tickets for the trip free by applying to Seiver & Turner. On this day Mr. Forquer will open his hotel for the summer season and will entertain our party at the “Palace” and serve a fish dinner. Source: Tampa Tribune: 4-28-1896

Ozona, Feb. 5…Ozona is beginning to feel the good effects of incorporation. Last Monday evening the currant was turned on to light the street lamps. This improvement will be appreciated by all, but more so by our visitors from well lighted cities of the north. Source: Tampa Ttribune: 2-6-1915

Helpful Fellows

Promoters are useful animals to have around at times. Last week, for instance, the new owners of the north end of Indian Rocks announced a mile of new county highway on a 100 foot right-of-way, the widest on the island, by the way, had been built at cost of the promoters and deeded gratis to the county. They plan to build more, hope to add a toll bridge, publicly owned, to Belleair.

Which calls to mind how the local street car line was built. Every foot of it was built by promoters and given on various terms to the then privately owned street car line. F. A. Davis built the original line to Gulfport. L. A. Harvey and associates built to Bayboro, Jim Folly and Al Fisher to Big Bayou, Perry Snell to Coffee Pot, H. Walter Fuller to the Jungle and N. J. Upham to Shore Acres. In several incidences the promoters subsidized operations until they became profitable. Source: St. Petersburg Times: 10-4-40

Tarpon Springs…Bert E. Nash, vice president of the Tampa & Tarpon Springs Land Co., helped Mr. Vinson entertain the County Commissioners and escorted them around the city and over the roads Friday. Among other things that helped to interest them in our city was the report of the building of the new bridge across Whitcomb Bayou, which will connect Tarpon Springs with the Gulf and which has been the dream of many of our old residents for twenty years. This will mean Tarpon Springs on the Bay and Tarpon Springs on the Gulf and will make a delightful drive and bring the business section of the city within a mile and a quarter of the beautiful gulf front west of our city. This section is presenting a very active appearance as there are many new houses being built by Northern people who have purchased this land in this delightful locality from the Tampa & Tarpon Springs Land Co. in the last year. Source: Tampa Tribune: 1-21-1912

Beach Causeway Gets Attention

Clearwater, Aug. 4…The contemplated causeway from Clearwater proper across to Clearwater beach, being practically an assured thing, is drawing people here from all parts of this state as well as from those farther away.

Among the out of town visitors here last week, was A. B. Hull of Plant City. “The Causeway,” said Mr. Hull, “is one of the main topics of conversation in our vicinity. It is pleasant for everyone to think that in the near future one may enjoy a day at the gulf without having to spend a young fortune for toll on bridges that are best are a little dangerous.”

The proposed width of the causeway will make it safer to drive over than any like distance of roadway in this part of the state, and will have a surface as smooth as a billiard table, while on either side will have spacious parkways with everything that nature and man can do to make them beautiful. Source: Evening Independent: 8-4-1924

Sutherland…Wall Springs continues to grow rapidly in favor as a pleasure resort. Several new cottages are in course of construction. Among those nearing completion noted, are Tom Knight’s, of Charlotte Harbor and L. L. Buchanan’s, of Tampa. More bath houses have been built to accommodate the large numbers who frequent the cool health-restoring waters of the bathing pools. Source: Tampa Tribune:7-29-1906

Scranton Arcade Said To Be Largest Of Kind In Florida

Clearwater, April 4…The Scranton Arcade, being erected in Clearwater by the Hanner Construction Company in 
Orlando and Clearwater, is probably the largest arcade building ever erected in Florida, having 22 business rooms, a government post office, American Railway Express company quarters and a number of smaller rooms.

The building is to be finished with Spanish tile and all the arcades will be decorated, having arched ceilings. In the center will be a large circular dome, with 35 feet radius, the postoffice occupying the southeast corner of this rotunda. There will be an outside entrance on the Atlantic Coastline railroad, thus ensuring easy ingress for mail by both A. C. L. and Seaboard railways.

The people in charge of the construction of this building has clearly demonstrated their ability in handling contracts of considerable magnitude. It is understood that the Hammer [sic] Construction had several plans and specifications mailed to them by prospective builders after they had observed the methods that had been followed in the construction of the Scranton Arcade.

At the present rate of progress there does not seem to be anything in the way of the completion of the Scranton Arcade by June 1. Postmaster Lee has instructions to move the postoffice into the building as soon as it is ready for occupancy. He stated, when interviewed this morning, that he thought it probable that the government office would be in the new quarters by June 15. Source: Evening Independent: 4-4-1924

Work Is Started On New Hotel

Excavation work for the foundation of the Ponce de Leon hotel at Central avenue and First street north, was begun Thursday, under direction of Emmerson Wood and George Feltham, architect. Wood is president of the Ponce de Leon company, building the hotel. Wood and Feltham will award contracts for the steel work and other subcontracting work. They expect to have the building completed before Christmas. Source: St. Petersburg Times: 6-3-1922

Pinellas Roads Will Be Brick Paved

Voters Authorized a $715,000 Bond Issue by 181 Majority

St. Petersburg, Aug. 19…Advocates of the brick highway system for Pinellas county won a victory yesterday and carried the election authorizing the county commissioners to issue bonds to the extent of $715,000, with which 78-miles of brick highways will be constructed. The majority for the bonds was 181. The vote was, for bonds, 849, against 628. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 8-19-1915

City’s Growth Makes Record

Building Permits in Clearwater Rise in Last Six Months

Clearwater, Aug. 4…Reports just completed show that the growth of the city of Clearwater for the past six months has been five times as great as for any former period of equal length.

According to the records of building permits, the amount issued during the first half of this year was $670,000 against a record of $280,000 for the highest full year prior to this.

Commenting on the rapid growth the last six months, Secretary Ransom, of the chamber of commerce said, “The people of Clearwater are just beginning to realize the magnitude of the opportunities here and from all indications the coming season will far surpass any we have yet experienced. Source: Evening Independent: 8-4-1924

Commission Form For Pass-A-Grille

Is An Accepted fact…Measure Passes the Legislature…First City in Florida to Adopt Same.

Pass-A-Grille is a distinct place in many ways, and has a country wide reputation in many ways as a seaside resort. Its fame as a fishing center is wide spread. Now it ranks as the first city in the State, to adopt the commission form of government.

The citizens of the island have worked energetically in the preparation of a satisfactory form of government and have selected the best features, as they think of the various forms of commission government that have been tried by other towns.

The principle object of the incorporation was the desire to provide for a sewer system on the island, and for other public benefits. Among the important feature of their charter is the fact that only property owners are entitled to vote in the affairs of the new town, a provision that might be copied to advantage by every municipality in the country. Source: St. Petersburg Times: 6-2-1911

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