Tarpon Springs' Cycadia Cemetery

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     Welcome! In early 2011 I received an index for Tarpon Springs' Cycadia Cemetery, located just east of US 19 on Tarpon Avenue, from the city clerk’s office. I have spent a year and a half surveying, taking photos and uploading a page for each individual that rests in the cemetery. There are over seven thousand known burials listed on this site and over seventy-two hundred photos as well.  I am continuing to update this site so please check back often.
     You may help with the index by sending me at the email below any information you would like to pass along. I can add a short paragraph and photos to an individual’s personal page. There are bound to be errors in this index and  I will be glad to correct any brought to my attention. I have also found the spellings from the city are at times different from spellings found on the headstones. 
      The following are abbreviations used in this index...s/s/w = shares stone with; s/o = son of; d/o = daughter of; w/o = wife of; u/t/r = unable to read; n/d = no date shown; o/s= other source; FDI= Florida death Index and SSDI= Social Security Death Index. Also note...location descriptions beginning with double and triple letters such as MCS, MN etc. refer to the location in the mausoleum. I am also checking other sources for birth and death dates and they will be added with a notation as to where the information was found. Obituaries are being added as well.
     You can see more photos of this beautiful and well maintained cemetery by clicking on the left "VIEW" graphic below. The right "VIEW" graphic will take you to a map of the cemetery showing grave locations. Note: Many of the pages have several photos attached. Please be sure to look at the entire page!

I have begun entering new individuals to the cemetery list from records I received from the city clerks office.This will update the site to May 10, 2016. I was only given the burial date (B/D) and locations so if you have birth and death dates, photos, obits, etc. and would like the information to be included here please send it along to be added. Thanks!


Photos and map of the cemetery can be viewed below...

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