Business As Usual Transcribed

Few people realize the magnitude of the sponge industry engaged in by about 800 Greeks at Tarpon Springs. One Saturday sales of sponges lately went up to $22,000.00. The business is however is not now prospering and the Greeks have decided to give it up for the present.  The Arcadia Champion: 8-2-1906

Will Form An Abstract Company…C. E. Chambers busy working up the necessary stock subscriptions

Mr. C. E. Chambers has been quietly busy for several weeks working up the idea of an Abstract Company for this city and has succeeded in obtaining with very little trouble the requisite number of subscriptions to stock to assure the forming of the country. He intends to give the people of Clearwater, Tarpon Springs and other points up the road a chance to take a position in the proposition. Source: St. Petersburg Times: 11-8-1910

Eagle Bakery Opens

New Store Next To M. L. Stoner and Co.’s Hardware Store

The Eagle Bakery opened their new store next to the Stoner Hardware Co. last Saturday.The firm still keeps their old store further east on the avenue, but the increase in their business demanded an uptown store. Their new store is fitted up in splendid style and all the equipment of the ovens and furnaces in the rear are strictly modern and of the latest approved appliances. Source: St Petersburg Times: 11-15-1910

Tourist Club Organized At Tarpon Springs Florida

With Dr. W. E. Morgan, of Chicago, as its first president, the Tarpon Springs Tourist Club was organized recently and has become an active factor in entertaining visitors from all sections of the country. Source: New York Tribune: 2-13 1919

New Store Opened

Tarpon Springs…Baber’s 5, 10 and 25-cent store had its formal opening Saturday. Located in the old Bank of Commerce building, corner of Tarpon Ave. and Hibiscus Street, which has been completely renovated and redecorated, the store presented a very nice appearance for its opening. Source: Evening Independent: 6-1-1937

Bayshore Hotel…An Ideal Location For Tourists

Located at the Famous Esperitu Santo Springs, right on the head of Old Tampa Bay. A perfect boat schedule to and from Port Tampa and St. Petersburg. Espiritu Santos Springs are composed of the most wonderful curative waters in the world; especially good for indigestion; and the baths will cure rheumatism. The best place in the state to spend the winter. Rates 2.00 per day. Special rates by the week. See time cards for schedule of boats to Espiritu Santos Springs. T. Roy Young, Proprietor, C. W. McMullen Manager…Source: Evening Independent: 12-23-1907

Largo…The new storehouse of  Mr. R. J. Whitehurst is finished and is ready for the stock of goods soon to be opened up by Mrs. P. S. Autry. Source: Tampa Tribune: 12-29-1897

In A New Role

Joel McMullen as Real Estate Dealer and Liveryman

Mr. M. J. McMullen, one of the best known and most popular men in Hillsborough county, who was formerly the efficient tax collector, is now a full-fledged liveryman and real estate dealer, with headquarters at Belleair. He is preeminently equipped to serve the public in either department and a more capable gentleman cannot be found.

Read his advertisement in the Tribune and then give him a call. Source: Tampa Tribune: 5-10-1901

St. Petersburg… Mr. W. J. Longman, the manager of the Weller Hardware Co. has taken the place of Mr. George Walker a traveling salesman for the Tampa Hardware Co. Mr. Weller will assume charge of the local store. Source: Tampa Tribune: 7-12-1907

St. Petersburg…Early this week Mrs. J. H. Davis, of Meigs, Ga., assumed control of the office of the Western Telegraph Co. Mrs. Alma Van Landingham, who was the previous operator, is enjoying a two months vacation in Illinois. Source: Tampa Tribune: 7-12-1907

Ozona, May 3...W. R. Robinson, has bought the Ozona Inn. This popular place will be open the entire year and will be under the direction this summer of Mrs. Carr, who has assisted Mrs. Robinson during the winter season. Numerous improvements are planned for the property. Winter guests are still at the Inn and reservations are being made for warm weather guests; several parties will enjoy the beautiful waterfront and fishing there this week end. Source: Tampa Tribune: 5-4-24

St. Petersburg…Messrs. Wilton and Plantz , of Waycross, Ga., have rented the vacant store just east of the Times on Central avenue and will fit it up for confectionary and a candy kitchen. They will open for business in two weeks, pending the arrivals of fixtures and equipment. Source: Tampa Tribune: 7-12-1907

St. Petersburg…C. J. Godsey has moved his plumbing establishment from the Harrison building to the Durant block on Central avenue. Source: Tampa Tribune: 7-12-1907

Sutherland…Mr. Marvin Walker, who has been employed at the store of Mr. Mort Hill, has accepted a position with the Gourlie Hardware Company of Tarpon Springs. His many friends will wish him success. Source: Tampa Tribune: 4-2-23

Largo… Mr. L. Franks, formerly of Hammond, Ind., but who has been a resident of Largo during the past summer, has opened a laundry with up-to-date equipment in what is known as the old depot, located on Railroad avenue. Mr. Frank’s many friends wish him success in his new enterprise. Source: St. Petersburg Times: 10-13-1911

   Tarpon Springs…March 28-Ground was broken yesterday morning for the construction of two brick business blocks. Mrs. Cadwallader will erect a brick building two stories high, fronting on Hibiscus street, just opposite the postoffice. It will front 60 feet upon the street and extend back about 45 feet, making three store apartments on the first floor. There will be a photograph studio on the second floor and a couple of lodge rooms. The contract for the contract work has been let. 
   A one story brick business building is being erected on Safford avenue near the old Orpheum building for A. P. Beckett. The structure will front 68 feet on the avenue and extend back 40 feet. It will be divided into four store apartments. 
   The erection of a handsome residence for J. E. Jackson, the dry goods man, upon East Tarpon avenue, began yesterday morning. 
   Work upon the new 35-room commercial hotel building will begin early next week. Work has been resumed upon clearing the site for the new four story 100-room tourist hotel. Source: Tampa Tribune: 3-29-1913

Largo…Mr. Eli B. McMullen has taken over the real estate and insurance business of his son Melvin. Mr. Melvin McMullen having departed for Gainesville, where he has entered the law school of the University of Florida. Source: St. Petersburg Times: 10-13-1911

Ozona…Ozona is now hurrahing! Mr. Tinney, our able and controlling merchant, has closed his books and runs a strictly cash business now which seems to be giving great satisfaction among his customers. He also gives clearing out or bargain days once or twice per month, which seems to be quite beneficial on his part. Source: Tampa Tribune:7-29-1902

Plant To Freeze Fish

Tarpon Springs, Nov., 11---The Gause Fish company of this city is installing a cold storage plant for the freezing of fish for shipment. John B. Peavy, Vienna, Ga., recently acquired a half interest in the company, with R. E. Gause. Source: Tampa Tribune: 11-12-1929

Largo…E. B. McMullen & Son, have sold their stock of general merchandise to H. D. Walker and Harry Hammock, who will continue the business at the old stand. We bespeak every success for these two hustling young gentlemen.

Source: St. Petersburg Times: 10-13-1911

George H. Belcher has opened up a business in the Haines block on Third street south and has named his shop the Dew Drop Inn. Mr. Belcher will cater to the public keeping in stock Bevo on draught, sandwiches, cigars and cigarettes. He will install in his back room later in the season a shell fish service room and says he will serve everything from a barnacle to a lobster. Mr. Belcher served overseas with the 124th  (Second Florida) infantry as first sergeant in the machine gun company. 

Source: St. Petersburg Daily News: 9-4-1919

Clearwater…Miss Monte Nash is our new Deputy Post Mistress. Miss Monte looks well through the window. 

Source: St. Petersburg Times: 11-2-1901

New Grocery Store
Freeman & Riley Brothers Preparing to Open a Big Store

 A. F. Freeman, E. T. Riley and E. J. Riley, under the firm name of Freeman & Riley Brothers, will open a grocery store the latter part of this week in the vacant room of the Williams Block, on Central avenue, opposite the Detroit Hotel. Mr. Freeman has reconsidered his intention of leaving St. Petersburg and again engaging in the turpentine business, for St. Petersburg has too many charms for him. He is not new to the grocery business and he has had considerable business in that line. E. T. Riley has been a clerk for Sims Brothers for some time past and E. J. Riley has been engaged in a similar capacity with S. D. Harris, so the new firm is composed of experienced grocery men and those associated with the trade and its needs. They will carry groceries, provisions, green goods, fruits and other staple merchandise. Source: Evening Independent: 11-4-1907

G. E. Noblit In Town

Mr. G. E. Noblit, one of the leading merchants of Tarpon Springs and one of the principal boosters and workers for Pinellas County spent Tuesday in this city (St. Pete).

He visited a number of his many friends here and as usual took in all the latest kinks of the hardware people to see if there was anything he had overlooked in his splendid big establishment at Tarpon. Source: St. Petersburg Times: 3-3-1911

It was mistakenly reported in Saturday’s personal column that Paul Emmert would spend the summer in Toledo. Mr. Emmert, who has opened a law office in St. Petersburg, expects to stay on the job here throughout the year. Source: Evening Independent: 6-4-29

John A. Bishop, of Clearwater, a business man well known in Ocala, passed through town Wednesday, on his way to Tallahassee. Mr. Bishop is now one of the leading business men of Clearwater and the incorporator of the Clearwater Mercantile Co. Mr. Bishop informed the Star reporter that he had disposed of all his grove property except the one at his home. He was joined here by Mrs. Bishop, who was visiting her sister, Mrs. Foy. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 1-16-1902

Pool Room

W. R. Brack, the enterprising meat market man, has expanded some more and last Saturday night opened up the pool room and bowling alley conducted last winter by L. B. Cooper. Source: St. Petersburg Times: 12-7-1901

Big Ice Box

Hefner & Wharton have a new ice box in their grocery store. It arrived on Saturday, and is now in place, adjoining the one which has been in use for some time. The new box is seven feet square on the base and rises to a height of ten feet. It has a capacity of 2, 400 pounds of ice. The increasing meat business of Hefner & Wharton made the new purchase necessary. There are several partitions inside. One, the larger of the lot, is for meats. Then there are two others, one for butter, the other for cheese. Each partition is separate from each other. The older box will still be used as well as the newer one. Source: Evening Independent: 12-2-1907

Local Man Builds At County Seat

 T. F. McCall has started construction of a handsome business block in Clearwater opposite the court-house that will extend from the Gray Moss inn to the new city hall. The building will be 200 feet front by 90 feet deep. On each end there will be a two story building 40x90 feet. One of these two story buildings will contain 14 offices, on the second floor, and the other will have four modern apartments on the second floor. On the ground floor of the main building will be 12 stores, facing on Fort Harrison avenue and on the side street. The architect has designed a very attractive type of construction and the new business block will be a big improvement for Clearwater. Source: Evening Independent: 9-28-1922

New Real Estate Firm

Mayor R. H. Thomas and J. B. Wright have formed a co-partnership and entered the real estate business and are located in room 15 of the Wood Block, where they will be glad to receive calls from customers and friends. The names of the members of the firm are a sufficient guaranty of reliability and responsibility in all business entrusted to them. Source: St. Petersburg Times: 5-31-1902

Oldsmar…Mayor Ward Schrenengost and son have opened a filling station on St. Petersburg Drive just across the street from their home. They are now open for business and will welcome any and all patronage. Source: St. Petersburg Times: 10-2-1949

Clearwater Business Block Changes Hands

 W. T. Harrison’s Block on Cleveland Street Sold to B. C. Bass

 Clearwater, June 2…W. T. Harrison’s one story business block on the north side of Cleveland street between Waterson avenue and the Peninsular Telephone company building, erected in 1914, has been purchased by B. C. Bass for approximately half a million dollars.

Mr. Bass states that the building was bought as an investment and he does not promise any radical change in the structure at present. Sale of the Harrison building was made through the R. K. Brandon reality office. Source: Evening Independent: 6-2-1925

Will Build Six Stores

 F. I. Kithcart secures $21,000 Permit For Building On Ninth Street

 Permit was granted by the building department this morning to F. I. Kithcart for the construction of a store building costing $21,000 on the northwest corner of Ninth street and Third avenue north.

 Plans calling for a building 105 feet by 120 feet built of hollow tile and finished in stucco. Six stores will occupy the entire first floor. Construction will start immediately and the building will be ready for occupancy for the 1925-26 season. Source: Evening Independent: 6-2-1925

Sutherland, October 1…In order to meet the needs of the rapidly growing population of Sutherland, two business houses have recently opened up a full line of their respected goods. W. P. Hartman carries a stock of general merchandise and S. W. Walker & Co., deal in books, stationary and confections; here also, the tired, thirsty crowd may rest and refresh themselves with delicious ice cream and cold drinks dispensed by the popular and obliging Tom Adams. Source: Tampa Tribune: 10-2-1904

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