Business As Usual

A look at some of the businesses in Pinellas County
through the years. Were your ancestors part of
building the county through their great enterprising
 efforts?  Below you will find  the names of the articles
along with surnames where applicable, followed by date.

Opened Full Line of Goods Walker, Hartman 1904 View
Will Build Six Stores Kithcart 1925 View
Clearwater Business Block Changes Hands Bass, Harrison, Brandon 1925 View
Mayor Opens Garage Schronengost 1949 View
Local Man Builds At County Seat McClung 1922 View
New Real Estate Firm Thomas, Wright, Wood 1901 View
Opens Up Pool Room and Bowling Alley Cooper, Beck 1901 View
Nice Big Ice Box For Store Hefner, Wharton 1907 View
A Leading Business Man of Clearwater Bishop, Foy 1902 View
Opens Law Offices in St. Pete Emmert 1929 View
Tarpon Spgs. Business Man Visits St. Pete Noblit 1911 View
New Grocery Store On Central Riley, Harris, Sims, Freeman 1907 View
The Dew Drop Inn Opens Belcher 1919 View
New Deputy Post Mistress for Clearwater Nash 1901 View
Cash Business Only Proves Successful Tinney 1902 View
Plant To Freeze Fish Gause, Peavy 1929 View
Business Sold McMullen, Walker, Hancock 1911 View
Takes Over Son's Business McMullen 1911 View
Const.of Commercial Buildings at Tarpon  Spgs. Cadwallader, Beckett, Jackson 1913 View
Has Opened Laundry Franks 1911 View
Accepted New Position Hill, Walker, Gourlie 1923 View
Has Bought Ozona Inn Robinson, Carr 1924 View
New Confectionary and Candy Store Wilton, Plantz 1907 View
Moved To Better Location Godsey 1907 View
Prominent Man Has New Vocation McMullen 1901 View
Assumes Charge of Local Store Weller, Walker, Longman 1907 View
Telegraph Co. Has New Operator Landingham, Davis 1907 View
Aquires and Builds Property Henry, Lee 1910 View
New Feed Company Opens Berg 1924 View
New Store House Finished Whitehurst, Autry 1897 View
Bayshore Hotel Ideal For Tourists Young 1907 View
New Store For Tarpon Springs Baber 1937 View
A and P Coming 1930 View
Packing House Taylor 1921 View
Help With Cost Eldridge, Plant 1914 View
Installs New Fixtures Turner 1914 View
Businesses Comming Jacobs, Ford, Glenn, Baskin
Peale, Edmond, Riddle
1929 View
Permit To Build Lewis, Stamm Jr. 1925 View
Sponge Industry 1906 View
Amusement Park 1925 View
Royal Palm Has New Manager
Hames, Roser
Ferguson Baths Sold
Ferguson, Coleman
Closed Cars In Demand at Hudson-Essex
Meekers Auto Supply Sold
Thompson, McGillis
Newspaper For Dunedin
Will Covert Property Into Business Block
Wilhelm, Bruce, Turner, Bailey, Kelly
New Cafe Opens
Jarvis, Riley
The Hotel Bonhomie
Verona Inn-Summer Resort
Ice Delivery Business
Cooper, Weihman
Candidate For Tax Assessor Turner 1940 View
Grounds of Lodge Greatly Changed Washburn 1924 View
Windermere Hotel Opens Love 1924 View
Pasadena's First Shop Will Open Wilson, Chase, Jackson, Shilton 1924 View
Will Form An Abstract Company Chambers 1910 View
Tourist Club Organized Morgan 1919 View
Eagle Bakery Opens Stoner 1910 View

Transcribed, Formatted and Submitted by Linda Flowers

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