Possibilities of Pass-A-Grille
A 1903 Sketch

Possibilities of Pass-A-Grille

Street Railroad Will Soon Put On Regular Schedule…F. A. Davis and Party Here

Col. F. A. Davis and some of his company of Philadelphia are here inspecting the new electric street railroad and other interests in this city of which Mr. Davis is at the heart. The cars will begin running on schedule, between now and the first of March. Supt. A. P. Weller has been very busy getting things in shape for this and we are sure the people will appreciate the service.

The extension on to Pass-A-Grille will probably commence in a few days. With the large new hotel that is to be built there, and the fine bathing, boating and shell gathering to be had there, we predict that Pass-A-Grille will someday become a miniature Coney Island of the South and when that takes place there will be entertainment not only for the tourists but the people of Tampa, Ebor City, St. Petersburg and adjacent towns, will be glad to spend days and weeks there. Excursionists from Tampa by steamer would then be able to take the cars at this place arriving in Pass-A-Grille in a few minutes and have ample time for a days outing and return in the evening.

This is an outing that the people of this peninsula and Tampa would be glad to have. Moonlight trips to that point would be grand.

By all means let’s have a pleasure resort at Pass-A-Grille. Give us a merry-go-round, a shoot-the-chutes, and a peanut and red lemonade stand and we will spend our spare time there.

Cover the island with cottages and with a quick electric car service the Tampa merchants and the people generally will be glad to leave their families at the Pass for a month’s outing while the head of the family can come over in the evening and return in the morning. New York people delight to live that way. Why not us? 

Source: St. Petersburg Times: 2-21-1903

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