Frank Graham Scott

Frank Graham Scott, better known as “Bud Scott,” is the man who tells the advantages of buying land and homes in St. Petersburg in such a convincing way that he dubs himself “The Hired Man.” He is the man realty dealers engage to auction property.

Frank Graham Scott was formerly an advertising man. He was an advertising manager of the Roeding Signal Tail Light Company, Detroit, on the advertising staff of the Knoxville Sentinel and of the Conde Nast publications.

He visited St. Petersburg first 14 years ago, but came here permanently in 1920. He heard people talk about the city as the garden spot of the world, he came here and believing the title well-earned he went into business as a real estate auctioneer, under the title of the United States Realty Auction Company.

He served during the war with the United States engineer corps. He is an Elk, member of  the American Legion, a Shriner, Knight Templar and a member of the Forty-et-Eight club. He is a member of the Episcopal church. His favorite sport is baseball. He believes that if St. Petersburg continues its forward looking, cooperative spirit, it will make good. He contributes his success in business to his association with hard workers, to associating with partners who have made a success and to his own hard work.

Source: Evening Independent: 3-1-24

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